Nike shines with a new sustainable move to give your old shoes a makeover

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Nike Refurbished
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Have old or gently used Nike shoes you don't want anymore? Well, Nike wants them back. For its latest initiative, the brand has created Nike Refurbished, so now when you return your old shoes, Nike "tidies them up and then makes them a great value for Nike shoppers."

Sometimes shoes just look better on at the store, or they're not a really supportive shoe. There are also those times we've made an online purchase and realized the shoes just don't fit. Rather than shove the shoes in the back of your closet to collect dust, this new program will expand the shoes' life and help Nike cut down its carbon footprint.

The new program will help breathe life into new, gently used, and cosmetically flawed shoes by the brand. So, if you've been debating on whether or not to return your old shoes, now's your chance to give them a new home.

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If you're wondering what constitutes a return-worthy shoe, the company broke down the three types in a statement.

"Nike Refurbished extends the lifespan for three types of footwear: like new (maybe worn for a day or two before being returned), gently worn (a little longer), and cosmetically flawed (think: something like a small snag that happened in manufacturing)," they announced.

How does it work?

If your shoes fall into one of the three categories, you can return your shoes (during the 60-day return window) at one of the 15 available US locations running the program. From there, the team inspects the shoes and gives it a "condition grade." Then, the real makeover begins. Using a variety of tools and products, the refurbishing team will fix up the shoes to as close to a new condition as possible. The shoes will then hit the shelves at a Nike store in a special box describing what kind of shoes are inside, the condition grade, and more.

Shoe prices are also determined by the condition grade and type of shoe that is returned. So, if you're looking to shop sustainably, Nike's got the eco-friendly kicks for you. 

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