Madonna's new music video teaser features iconic locations and a pair of pretty unique socks

Madonna's new music video teaser sees the star taking to the streets, hitting up world-famous hotspots, and even haggling over a $25 hat

Madonna attends a celebration of the Lola bag, hosted by Burberry & Riccardo Tisci on April 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Madonna's new music video:
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Madonna's new music video teaser pays tribute to all things New York City including some pretty crazy socks in memory of one of its brightest stars.

Although Madonna's shoutout to legendary artist in a sexy video might have seemed like the most exciting post on her social media of late, her latest one featured a pair of socks that may break the internet.

Madonna's new hair looks incredible in the post, which is captioned, "Location scouting……………..🗽," with her song about loving New York blaring in the background.

During the video, she's seen hitting up famous venues like Radio City Music Hall and The Stonewall Inn. She's also seen taking to the streets in tourist hotspot Times Square, and living her best tourist life.

We know Madonna's nickname from her children shows how down to earth she truly is behind the scenes. However, her shock over the cost of a baseball hat from a street trader in Times Square shows that no matter how wealthy she is - she still watches her pennies like the best of us.

Fans, understandably, lost it after seeing the sneak peek of Madonna's new music video. One user commented, "OMG! I would have died if I saw you running around New York at night.😍😮❤️👑🎬."

Apart from world-famous locations and every street looking like a movie set, New York City is also known for producing some of the greatest artists on the planet. Madonna, who moved to the city in 1978, paid tribute to one of its brightest stars, Tupac Shakur, in the video - by wearing a pair of socks with his face emblazoned on them.

Madonna admits that she never thinks about age, especially when she's performing. No wonder it's hard to believe that this living icon has been in the spotlight for nearly four decades.

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