Jennifer Lopez credits her grandma's 'crazy beauty secret' for glowing skin and chances are you already have it at home

Jennifer Lopez's glowing skin is down to a cheap product that you can buy at any supermarket and will barely cost you a thing!

Jennifer Lopez's glowing skin
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In an interview with Vogue, Jennifer Lopez revealed her skincare routine and the wonder product she uses to achieve the perfect glowy look.

In a new video in collaboration with Vogue, Jennifer Lopez acted out her skincare regime for the camera as she explained the secret tip she learned from her grandmother to keep her skin in tip-top condition. 

While some may think that JLo owes her stunning complexion to expensive creams and butters, she actually revealed that the item she owes her lovely skin to, can be bought in a supermarket for a pretty small price.

Jennifer Lopez

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"When I was young, my mom and my grandma, and my aunts they all had these kinds of crazy beauty secrets," said Jennifer. She then revealed that olive oil is actually something she still uses on her skin after it was recommended to her bt a family member."One was olive oil, that actually we use, and we created the Olive Complex for this very product," she said.

The star then showed the camera her JLo Glow Skin Serum, which has olive oil inside and is used to retain moisture and add a dewy look to skin. "So you see we kind of get a beautiful glowy skin going right now," said Jennifer as she then pushed the product down her neck to cover the top of her chest. "I like to put it all the way down into my decolletage," she said.

Olive Oil, Odysea| £8.99

Olive Oil, Odysea| £8.99

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Produced with polyphenol-rich Koroneiki olives. High in monounsaturated fats. Cold pressed, which means the oil is extracted without heat or chemicals. This method ensures the flavor and health benefits of the oil remain.

Jennifer Lopez styling out one of the fall makeup looks, golden eyes

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That JLo Glow, JLo Beauty | £102.95( $79.00)

That JLo Glow, JLo Beauty | £102.95( $79.00)

A sugar-derived matrix brings surface tightening and lifting you can feel immediately. Soothing Japanese rice sake and yeast-derived ferments soothe, condition, brighten and plump the look of skin. The JLo Beauty Olive Complex is an antioxidant-rich, 4-part olive blend of squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil, and leaf extract, packs clinically shown, all-day moisturization and superstar glow.

JLo also revealed in the video that she uses eyedrops every day and this is another secret tip she uses to make her eyes look brighter and more alert. "I do that before my serum because I don't like it to drip down, but I like to have bright eyes. I feel like it's the first thing everybody sees," she said.

Another thrifty hack from the star is a beauty secret that won't cost you a cent. The star revealed that sleep is her biggest and best beauty hack and revealed the hack she uses to ensure she gets the right amount.

"One of my biggest beauty secrets is sleep. But one of my tricks for when I can't get enough sleep, there's a certain amount of hours that I feel like you can sleep before your face falls asleep," she said. "So it's either under four or over seven, that's my rule."

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