Jennifer Aniston dubbed the ‘cutest’ as she leans into the holiday spirit after the sad loss of her dad

Jennifer Aniston needs some holiday cheer this year more than ever so fans are loving seeing her get into the spirit

Jennifer Aniston is ready for some festive cheer
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Jennifer Aniston is ready to share some holiday cheer with her fans – and they’re already calling her “the cutest.”

Fans are loving seeing The Morning Show letting her hair down following a tough few weeks for the Friends star after her “sweet papa” passed away last month.

Jen shared the news with her 41 million plus followers, writing, "Sweet papa…John Anthony Aniston. You were one of the most beautiful humans I ever knew. I am so grateful that you went soaring into the heavens in peace - and without pain.”

“And on 11/11 no less! You always had perfect timing. That number will forever hold an even greater meaning for me now. I’ll love you till the end of time. Don’t forget to visit."

Losing her father came not long after she opened up on her secret struggles to conceive with IVF over the years.

But now she's ready to embrace the spirit of the season and get into the festive swing of things. 

She had her followers cracking up with delight as she shared snapshots of her getting ready for the holiday season. While many loved the photo of a cozy looking Jen hugging a huge Christmas tree, her dogs Lord Chesterfield and Clyde really stole the show.

Showing off her new "wooden Rudolph" decoration to her two dogs, Jennifer’s Instagram posts included a hilarious clip of the dogs’ wild reaction to the new addition.

Jennifer shared sweet moments with her dogs

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"I'm sorry, this was a terrible idea," she says to the wooden figure, which is made from slices of evergreen stumps and branches, as her dogs kept trying to take a bite of it. "Be nice! He's visiting — he's just here for the holidays," she adds.

Alongside the photos and video, Jennifer shared a message of support, joking, "Good luck to all the wooden Rudolphs out there"

The fun, warm vibes were not lost on her many fans, many of whom are begging to spend the holidays with the star now.

"Ahhh spending Christmas at the Aniston house is definitely the best place to be! Christmas spirit guaranteed and lots of LOVE.”

Jennifer lost her dad last month

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Even though her content always delivers, Jennifer wouldn’t consider herself social media savvy.

She’s previously been vocal about why it took her so long to join social media – famously not joining until 2019, when she quickly broke the record for fastest account to amass one million followers - In a November cover story for Allure.

She spoke about how social media and being online "does not come naturally to her."

"It's torture for me," she told the magazine. "The reason I went on Instagram was to launch this [haircare] line [LolaVie]. Then the pandemic hit and we didn't launch. So I was just stuck with being on Instagram."

Well, with content involving Lord Chesterfield and Clyde, we’re sure many are glad she stuck with it.

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