ITV 'agrees to up Holly Willoughby's salary' amid legal battle with her old management company

They 'can't afford to lose her'

Holly Willoughby
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ITV have reportedly agreed to increase Holly Willoughby's This Morning salary amid her legal battle with her former management.

Presenter Holly, 40, hired lawyers to take action against the YMU Group after they demanded a percentage of all her future earnings.

Bosses at ITV have been fearing that Holly will walk away from This Morning if she is forced to pay YMU the estimated 15% cut they are asking for.

Now, they are considering a last-resort plan to up her salary in a bid to keep her.

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A source told The Sun: "Holly's YMU row sparked some serious worries at ITV as they know how adamant she is that she shouldn't have to pay them.

"They are hoping the situation can be amicably resolved. But they have agreed a last-resort plan to up her salary if it was to reach crisis level and they can ill-afford to lose her.

"They have not yet had a conversation with Holly about this and she'd never dream of asking for a raise."

Holly formed her own all-female agency called Roxy last year - and is now managing herself.

She is said to be willing to pay YMU commissions on jobs arranged while she was with them, but not if those contracts are renewed.

Another source added to The Sun: "No one wanted this to go legal but Holly won't simply give away her hard-fought millions without a fight.

"This is a sad finale to what was once a hugely successful partnership."

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