How Do I Stop Snoring? Tips And Tricks For A Quiet Night's Sleep...


We all know that getting a good night's sleep at the end of a busy day is as important for our health - both mentally and physically - as a healthy diet, exercise and relaxation.

But frustrated sleepers will know that a loud noises aren't particularly conducive to getting some quality shut eye- especially if the noise is your own snoring.

And snoring can even cause problems with your partner in the bedroom. Understandably, the nightly occurrence of loud snoring is too much for some to bear, and can leave your partner - or even your whole household - more exhausted than well-rested.

But luckily, there are ways to try and kick the unconscious sleeping habit, in an attempt to get a good night's rest for you AND your family.

So if you're asking ‘how do I stop snoring'? - take a look at a few of our helpful tips...

Get yourself an anti-snoring pillow

Budget supermarket Aldi have released a pillow that may just have solved all your noisy sleeping problems for less than £5.

The retailer has unveiled a Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow, selling for £4.99, which, according to them, will "ensure everyone gets a decent sleep when the snorer of the house uses this pillow".

So what's the science behind it - and how can it help to soothe the frustrating sound of snooring in your house?

Aldi claim that, "this specially designed pillow raises the head during sleep to keep the airways open, ensuring the night can go by without too much noise". Some have dubbed the claims slightly dubious however, suggesting that the pillow pretty much sounds like any other normal pillow.

However, for under £5, it may well be worth spending the money to find out if it can quiet the noisy sleeper in your life.

Plenty of customers have already bagged their own 'Anti Snore' pillow, with reports that it's selling out quickly across Aldi stores. The pillow has also already sold out online, but if you're quick, you may be able to grab your own at your local shop.

Will you be buying it?

Buy a pineapple plant

We know what you're thinking - what does a pineapple plant have to do with snoring? But don't dismiss it before you know more! Recently, ASDA have released a brand new pineapple plant, which they say will help noisy nappers to get some quality sleep again.

ASDA's plant buyer Phil Smith said, "Snorts, snuffles and splutters affect a quarter of Brits, so for those 16 million snorers, Asda's Pineapple Plant could be a dream come true - even more-so for sleep deprived partners."

But how does it work? Well according to the brainboxes at The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (or, NASA), a pineapple plant produces oxygen, which contributes to improved air quality in your bedroom - which supposedly helps with achieving a much better and quieter night's sleep.

The plants are available until January and will sell for £12 - are you tempted to try it?

Improve your overall health

It's a well-known fact that being even slightly overweight can put more pressure on your nasal passages and airways at night time. The NHS advises that shaving off even a few pounds can improve your breathing - thus improving your snoring, or stopping it altogether.

Smoking is also said to contribute to snoring, in that it damages the lining of your nose and throat, which can in turn decrease airflow making you more likely to snore. Alcohol is also a bad option if you're hoping to stop snoring, given that it relaxes your muscles to an unnatural degree.

Sleep on your side - not your back

Sleeping on your back means that everything falls backwards and pushes down onto your airways - tounge, chin, mouth - the lot. But if you sleep on either side, the pressure on your airways is reduced, meaning you're far less likely to snore, and can get ready for a quieter night's sleep!

Try out snoring strips

Nasal strips - or nasal dilators, as they're sometimes called - can really help in reducing snoring. According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, they work to prevent nostril collapse resulting in more air through your nose, less snoring.

Simply place them firmly on your nose, and wait for the magic to happen. Nasal strips are widely available in shops for around £5 - you can buy these ones from Boots for £5.99.

So will you be trying out any of these tips for a quieter night's sleep?