Haircare brand warns, 'use on your hair only, not anywhere else!' as fans comment that new styler looks like sex toy

Haircare brand's warning comes as several consumers point out that their new styling wand looks like a sex toy, but can you see it?

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Mark Hill's Pick ‘N’ Mix range of hair tools has caused a few red faces as many consumers point out the glaringly obvious similarity between it and more X-rated products. The similarity is so noticeable that the brand has even issued a hilarious 'PSA' about it.

The haircare brand's warning comes as several consumers point out that their new styling wand looks incredibly like a sex toy. Although it's likely that the best hair straighteners and best hairdryers are kept in a drawer - that's about the only similarity they ought to have with the best vibrators on the market. 

Comments on the Mark Hill website from amused fans of the styler are almost too funny to believe. Diana, a fan of the tool, commented, "After the initial shock of finding this in my sister's bedroom, and quickly being told that it's just a hair tool, nothing more, I gave it a go myself." 

Glam hair lover and Mark Hill pick'n'mix user Gemma added, "my very conservative mother found this in the bathroom and now isn's talking to me because she thought it was something else."

Taking all of the comments on the chin, and maybe realizing there was a potential risk of their products being mistaken as a sex trends 2022, the brand issued an official (and pretty hilarious) warning.

It reads, "They’re long, they’re thick, they’re hot, BUT they’re not sex toys. Every Mark Hill hair tool has been created to make your hair look better than ever - and sometimes, this leads to a suspicious-looking design."

The statement continues, "While they may sometimes make your mum ask questions, your partner get a bit too excited, or your boss look unconvinced as you explain your way out of what they saw behind you on Zoom, we can assure you that there’s nothing x-rated about our products."

It said, 'Our Pick ‘N’ Mix range of hair tools are some of the best in the game, perfect for getting that salon-style finish every single time. However, please don’t be fooled by the shape, the size or the girth. We’re here to assure you once and for all that our products are to be used on your head, not in bed."

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