Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey gets candid about her hair thinning journey

Jennifer Grey opened up about hair thinning in a recent interview as she spoke about taking her thick curly hair for granted

Jennifer Grey opened up about hair thinning
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Jennifer Grey opened up about hair thinning in a candid interview as she revealed that her hair texture has changed quite a bit since she played the curly-locked Baby in Dirty Dancing. 

Hair thinning is something that many women face as they get older. While it can be a source of shame for some aging is a natural cause of hair loss in women, and it affects over 40% of women at some point in their lives.

Speaking up about her own hair, Jennifer Grey candidly revealed that she was horrified when she first noticed her hair was thinning. "I always had the greatest hair," Jennifer told E!News. "During the pandemic, I started feeling my hair was losing a little bit of its zip—it had no skip to its step. It started feeling like a shell of its former self and I was like, 'What is going on?'"

"The quality of my hair had declined," said Jennifer."It was a little more dry, breakable, and fine."

Dirty Dancing

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"I assumed it was a given," she said about her thick curly hair that she had for most of her life. "And I actually took it for granted because I thought, 'At least I got this hair for the rest of my life.' I assumed it wouldn't change."

The star then said that this hair loss was a source of shame. "I felt really bad about myself," she admitted, "because I thought it was more subtle than it was."

Dirty Dancing

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The star revealed that she met with a hair specialist who eplained to her where her hair was thinning. Jennifer said that Lars Skjoth, the founder of hair loss treatment Harklinikken, "showed me parts of my hair that were still robust and then, he showed me the hairline and temples, where it was receding."

The expert then recommended some of the best hair thickening products and gave Jennifer a regime to follow to help her hair.

"I did everything, exactly as prescribed. I wash my hair every day" she said. "I thought, 'Why do I have to wash my hair every day?' But your scalp is a continuation of your face. Your scalp needs to be clean and the follicles need to be clean."

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Despite initially feeling stressed about her thinning hair, the actor explained that she still believes there is a lot to gain from aging. "There are things in life we lose as we get older, but we gain so much," said Jennifer wisely. "I am 100 percent happier than I was when I was younger. There is so much to gain as you age."

Jennifer concluded by saying, "If you can adapt and be strategic about improving the little things, it goes a long way."

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