Dawn French channels Jamie Lee Curtis with dramatic short hair transformation

Dawn French has switched up her signature bob

Dawn French has embraced short gray hair as she grows out her signature bob
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Dawn French has debuted her ‘Jamie Lee Curtis’ inspired hairdo—the latest stage in her quest to grow out a full-gray bob. 

The British comedian shared an exciting update on her new gorgeous gray color on Monday, two weeks after debuting the makeover to her adoring fans in September. 

Dawn's pixie cut, which is a popular short hairstyle for women over 50, marks a major shift from her signature long locks. Along with her iconic role on the hilarious French and Saunders, Dawn has always been well-known for her straight black bob—having first fallen in love with the blunt style more than 15 years ago.

After years of her rocking the same haircut, it’s no wonder the Vicar of Dibley star's fans are delighted to see a change. 

Of course, like most dramatic transformations, Dawn’s gray goal hasn’t been an overnight process. As anyone who’s ever colored their hair knows, growing out dye can be a painstaking journey. And if you’re trying to regain your original length in its virgin color—like Dawn—you’ll need some serious discipline. Transitioning to grey hair can take anywhere from six months to a year, and if you've been using dark dyes, you're looking at an even longer timespan. 

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Dawn revealed she is “aiming at the ol’ bob in full gray glory” by “cutting off all the old color” and “gradually getting there with the gray.” 

“I’m not great at patience,” she added. 

Luckily for Dawn, she’s had some Hollywood-style inspiration to keep her spirits up during this transition phase. Having already achieved “three shades of gray”, she has taken the plunge and “chopped even more off.” This latest edit to her haircut has given her an uncanny resemblance to another fabulous A-lister. 

“I’m thinking I’m giving it solid Jamie Lee Curtis,” she revealed. While plenty of Dawn’s followers were quick to see the likeness, her husband, Mark Bignall, isn’t convinced. 


Dawn French has channelled Jamie Lee Curtis with her new hairdo 

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“Husband says I’m giving it full Anne Hegerty… Righto,” she said. "In your face husband, coz BOTH are Ishtar.” 

While Jamie Lee has yet to respond to the shout-out, The Chase quizzer herself has acknowledged the nod. She gave her stamp of approval on the look, taking to Twitter to share her reaction. 

"Looks fabulous!" Anne wrote. We have to agree! 

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