Can't figure out how to fall asleep? Netflix can help with that

No, this doesn't include a Bridgerton marathon

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Netflix seems like the antithesis to a good night's rest. With so many shows to marathon in such little time, we often lose sleep trying to keep up with the latest hits. Now, however, the streaming platform is working with Headspace to help us get some shuteye after those long Bridgerton binges. (Of which there have been many, your Grace.) 

On April 28, Netflix will debut Headspace Guide to Sleep. This science-backed series will address all of your essential questions: How many scrolls through Instagram is acceptable before bed? Are sleeping pills actually effective? Is it actually possible to turn off my brain and get some rest? Tuck in, find your comfiest pillow and get ready to catch some much-needed Zs. 

"Whether you struggle with racing thoughts at bedtime or have trouble sleeping through the night, our new Netflix series will help you put your mind to bed," a Headspace statement read. Our interest is piqued! 

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If you still need an extra push, fear not: we'll help you figure out the perfect nighttime routine that'll send you into dreamland. From sleep teas (anyone fancy a bit of lavender tea?) to the best pillows available, these goodies will make you look forward to eight hours under your comfiest blankets. 

And, especially now that the warm-weather months are on the horizon, might we suggest going au natural? Research has shown that sleeping naked does quite a bit for your health and well-being, so as much as we love that cute PJ set, perhaps you can try to go without it for a night or two! (Hey, anything that's said to reduce anti-aging hormones is OK in our book.)

Before your new favorite Netflix show debuts, be sure to check out Headspace Guide to Meditation for that extra boost of zen you need during daylight hours. 

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