Brink - Wordle fans are bamboozled by another tricky word

The word 'brink' has caused confusion for Wordle players, so here's the definition of the word, and why players found it tricky...

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The word 'brink' has caused confusion for a number of Wordle players online who were unable to work out this tricky five-letter word.

Even if you use one of the best wordle starter words, Wordle can be tricky and there are often curveballs thrown at players who have to struggle to work out the answers.

Previous curveballs have included words such as awfulaskewfoyer, and homer, which all stumped fans. A recent Wordle was similar and caused just as much frustration for fans. Be warned, spoilers are ahead!


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On June 23, 2022, Wordle 369 bamboozled fans as they were faced with solving the word 'brink.' As this is a less common word than say, 'blink,' fans took a long time to work out this challenge, and many took to social media to complain about the difficulty of this game.

"Wordle 369 X/6 Just like that - the streak is snapped," said one disappointed player who ruined their streak as they couldn't guess the final letter. 

"Oooo, ya bast**d Wordle 369 X/6," said one player who failed to solve the game.

"#Wordle369 This has to be the strangest wordle I've done so far Wordle 369 5/6," added another.

Despite many struggling, some found the challenge rather easy, and also took to social media to brag. "Wordle 369 3/6 Oh well. Two minutes of fun is better than no minutes of fun! Bit easy today!" said one player.

"Wordle 369 3/6 This is my first attempt. It’s easy. What’s all the fuss about? #wordle," said another.

However, one diplomatic fan who solved the puzzle quickly, argued, "Wordle 369 3/6 #wordle #wordle369 Easy letters … not so common word! Wordle is getting trickier every day." 

So perhaps although the letters in the challenge weren't too obscure, and the format of the word was familiar, the word itself it uncommon, which meant that it was still a challenge for a number of players.

Brink meaning

The word 'brink' is a bit like the word 'edge,' and both words mean to be on the cusp of something. One social media user compiled some clips from pop culture that show the word being used in context. The clips show the word brink being used in Gilmore Girls, Succession, Ted Lasso, and Squid Games.

The word brink is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, "the brink (of something) if you are on the brink of something, you are almost in a very new, dangerous, or exciting situation."

Oxford also provided some examples, to show the word in context. Examples include, "on the brink of collapse/war/death/disaster," Also, "Scientists are on the brink of making a major new discovery." And finally, "He's pulled the company back from the brink (= he has saved it from disaster)."

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