The Great British Bake Off viewers vow to stop watching after Jurgen is voted out

GBBO viewers have sworn off watching the show as their favorite contestant Jurgen is voted out of the tent

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Great British Bake Off fans have been shocked by the semi-final and have sworn off watching the final episode next week as their favorite contestant is voted out of the tent.

Last night Great British Bake Off fans were distraught as their favorite contestant Jürgen Krauss was voted out of the competition. The German baker had been a fan favorite since week one and many believed that he was a sure thing to win the show. 

Even though he performed well in the semi-final, all four bakers impressed the judges in every round and Prue and Paul struggled to decide which baker would leave the tent. 

Unfortunately for the Jurgenator, his signature bake failed to get a handshake from Paul when all the other bakers did. Although he won the technical challenge, his showstopper sadly lacked the detailed decoration that the other bakers had and ultimately the judges decided that it was his time to leave the tent.

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Fans were less than impressed by the results of the show and many took to social media to complain about the baker leaving the tent, many even suggested that they would boycott the show.

"Justice for Jurgen!! Terrible decision #GBBO. #bake #hewasrobbed#ourwinner," said one fan.

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"I am genuinely angry. I know it's a TV program but this was totally unfair, he was so consistently good. It's almost as though they had it in for Jürgen. I don't feel like watching the final I'm so upset #GBBO," said another viewer.

"May boycott the final of #GBBO since #Jurgen won’t be in it. I’m too sad," said a third.

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Other fans just took to social media to say that they may even need to take a day off work to properly grieve Jurgen's departure from the show.

"Calling in sick for work tomorrow, I’m in mourning #GBBO #justiceforjurgen" said one devastated fan.

"I'm not talking to anyone for the next couple of days. I'm too upset about #GBBO," said another.

Others suggested that Prue and Paul should have bent the rules so that all four bakers could have won. "Rules are there to be broken. They should all have gone through. #GBBO SemiFinal," said the fan on Twitter.

"Should’ve been a 4-way final tbh #GBBO" said another viewer in agreement.

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Although many were upset with last night's episode, some felt positive that Channel 4 would redeem themselves for breaking viewers' hearts by setting up a follow-up show starring Jurgen and Guiseppe.

"Jurgen shouldn't have gone in #GBBO but such decisions are not just made by presenters then relayed back to production. Channel 4 knows what's what. People want to see more of Jurgen. They will also hail the winner: Giuseppe. Coming next Spring: Jurgen & Giuseppe's European Tour," said one fan.

"If Channel4 don't commission a show where Jurgen and Giuseppe tour Italy and Germany together then someone needs sacking #GBBO," said another.

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Crystelle won the star baker award last night, which means that she, Chigs, and Guiseppe will be competing in the Great British Bake Off final which is due to take place next week.

The final episode of Great British Bake Off will take place on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at 8pm. 

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