Great British Bake Off's 'filthy' innuendos shock viewers during pastry week

Fans were shocked by Great British Bake Off's 'filthy' innuendos that were in full force during last night's episode

Great British Bake Off's 'filthy' innuendos
(Image credit: Channel 4/ The Great British Bake Off)

As pastry week kicked off last night in the tent, many viewers were shocked by the number of dirty jokes and 'filthy' innuendos that popped up during the episode.

Great British Bake Off fans are used to a cheeky innuendo in the show, but this most recent episode has really taken the biscuit—if you'll pardon the pun.

We all tittered when Mary Berry would comment on baker's 'soggy bottoms' but Prue and Paul's comments in the recent episode have made quite a few viewers blush with their accidentally vulgar language—and we love it!

Prue Leith delighted fans as she spoke to George about how he could properly fill his choux nuts with a creamy filling. "It's important that you get the filling all the way around," began Prue. 

"Quite often I need two holes, so that I can squirt," she said. To this, Paul and Matt both looked at one another and could barely contain their laughter as they smiled at Prue's double entendre.

"You squeeze the bag, when you meet that little bit of resistance, it usually means it's full," continued Prue who was unaware that her baking advice could have a dirty meaning.

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Fans were particularly shocked by this discussion. "Nearly choked on my coffee. Don't think Prue even realized what she said. Paul's face!" said one delighted fan.

"Prue Leith giving out some great advice here. She has now officially overtaken the wonderful Mary Berry as the Queen of Innuendo #GBBO" said another.

Paul also got in on the jokes as he complimented Guiseppe's pie filling after the showstopper challenge. "I love his meat though," said Paul as he immediately realized his mistake and tried to hold in his laughter.

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Some of the Bake Off contestants were even making jokes. As George was baking his pie he showed the camera crew how he was preparing his sausage meat for the bake. 

"This is my big, massive, sausage," said George as he worked the meat with his hands. he later referred to it as 'rock hard' as he accidentally left it in the freezer for too long later in the challenge.

"'George's giant sausage is rock hard' The innuendo is insane tonight #GBBO," said an amused viewer. "This episode is FILTHY! 'This is my big fat sausage!' Hahaha #gbbo" said another.

"They said it was pastry week. Pretty sure it was innuendo week. #GBBO," added a third viewer.

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Presenters Noel and Matt were also in on the jokes as Matt chatted to Guiseppe about baklava and filo pastry. 

Unfortunately Guiseppe's pronunciation of 'massive hassle' confused Matt momentarily who thought that the baker was calling the pastry dish a 'massive a**hole'.

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Although fans shared their shock on social media, we all loved the jokes that adds a fun edge to the baking competition. 

Somehow, baking just lends itself very easily to dirty innuendos and while we can pretend we're above laughing at these crude jokes, we all know deep down that they're hilarious!

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