Aldi is selling heated clothes airers that save a tonne on bills!

Aldi is selling heated clothes airers that are far cheaper than rival products on the market now

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Aldi is selling heated clothes airers that will revolutionize how you do your laundry and banish those pesky high electricity bills caused by tumble driers.

You don't need to be a meteorologist to know that winter is coming and, as more is written about the energy crisis and the tough winter ahead, we're all thinking of thrifty ways to save on bills.

Aldi has once again stepped in with a solution that's not only brilliant but saves you a heck of a lot of money, compared to the leaders in the market.

Easy Home heated clothes airer

Easy Home heated clothes airer, $122 (£89.99) | Aldi

Say goodbye to days on end waiting for your clothes to dry as this heated airer puts your old clothes horse to shame. Forget about a tumble drier this winter, it's all about Aldi's heated airer.

As with all of their special buys, you have to be quick off the mark to get your hands on these brilliant products and unfortunately, they're now sold out.

Luckily for you, however, we've got a few alternatives for you to consider in your mission to save money on your bills this winter.

If you're the type of person who's mad about homeware, there's no doubt you've frequented Dunelm in your time! They've got everything you could possibly need, from interiors to mugs to the best Christmas bedding sets.

Their heated airer is a near mirror image to the one on sale at Aldi and is only slightly more expensive. It doesn't come with a cover, however, nor is there one available to buy as a bolt-on.

3-Tier Heated Airer

3-Tier Heated Airer, $128 (£95) | Dunelm

Home of affordable yet brilliant homewares, Dunelm, have knocked it out of the park again with this little number. Not only is it cheap as chips to run, at less than 4p per hour, it also has clever shoe attachments so you can dry out your rain-sodden footwear this winter.

Lakeland are arguably the masters of the heated airer market and their airers may come at a higher price but for many, it's worth making off the one-off purchase—especially as they come with a three-year guarantee.

Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer and Cover Offer Bundle

 Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer and Cover Offer Bundle, $236 (£174.98) | Lakeland

Lakeland's legendary heated airer, including a cover to insulate and speed up the drying, is a legend in the field. Costing only 6p per hour to run, this airer saves you not only time but a lot of dough compared to a tumble drier.

With uncertain months ahead, a tough winter and many wondering what happens to your credit if your energy supplier goes bust—investing in products like these might help save you money in the long run.

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