Adele's Easy on Me music video has fans seeing déjà vu with hidden details

Adele's Easy on Me has some striking similarities to one of her previous music videos

Adele's Easy on Me music video has fans seeing déjà vu with hidden details
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Adele’s Easy on Me music video has caused quite the stir, as fans notice a few familiar details from the sultry production. 

The British singer has finally dropped the first track on her upcoming album, Adele 30, along with some highly appreciated visuals after a six-year hiatus from the music industry. 

Easy on Me, a stripped-back piano ballad, debuted on October 15 with a stunning music video of Adele doing what she does best—belting out soulful anthems in large empty spaces. She has already revealed the heartbreaking meaning behind its lyrics, which have been analyzed to shreds in light of her divorce from Simon Konecki, but fans have now diverted their attention onto its accompanying short film. 

The music video, which was directed by Xavier Dolan, begins with the Grammy-award winner staring out the window of a derelict house, before picking up a suitcase and walking out the front door. 

She then makes a short phone call, in which she tells the person on the other end of the line that she’s finished packing and hopes to be at her destination in a couple of hours. 

When her connection cuts off mid-conversation, she utters the words, "Can you hear me?"—a question that also happens to be one of the lyrics from her 2015 hit song, Hello. She then hangs up and says, “Here we go again,” before getting into her car and driving off the property. Fans were quick to notice the clever reference, taking to Twitter to highlight the exciting throwback. 

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Adele’s phone call wasn’t the only detail in Easy on Me that harked back to her '25' era. The creaky old house from Hello (which is located in Quebec!) was used again for her latest song, in a clever illustration of the singer’s growth from 2016 to now. 

In Hello, Adele enters the home and walks around, shaking off the dust and pulling up curtains. Viewers are left with the impression that she has moved into this new (well, old) abode and is ready to settle down—a narrative that is flipped on its side in Easy on Me. In the first music video for her most recent record, Adele exits the very same house, which now has a ‘sold’ sign in front of its lawn. 

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While the exact meaning of these throwbacks remains unclear, most fans believe that it signifies Adele’s emotional evolution over the past years. It’s also worth noting that the Easy on Me video begins in black and white, just like Hello, but bursts into scarlet hues towards the end. Adele is styled in a red trench coat and matching red lipstick, suggesting she’s ready to finally be seen after an extended time away from the spotlight. 

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