Adele 30—mysterious signs spotted all over the globe hint new album's title

Adele 30 billboards have popped up in all corners of the world have sent the singer's fans wild—here's everything we know

Adele 30
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Adele 30 might be released sooner than expected but in the style of a true sensation, neither a fourth album nor its name have been confirmed. As mysterious signs and billboards appear all over the world it looks like the superstar might be making the announcement in style.

It was reported that the new Adele album we've been waiting six years for is set to drop at Christmas, but until now the London-born singer has kept schtum on the matter.

She's still got her lips sealed on any details about the new record but as the saying goes, a picture is a thousand words. So changing her social media profile pictures to the background image on mysterious 30 signs that have appeared across the planet has caused an eruption of excitement among her fans.

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From Dublin to Denmark, Malaysia to Montreal, and everywhere in between—these enormous 30s have fans absolutely flipping. 

Although initially the release date was believed to be December 10, 2021, in actual fact it's now believed to be November 19, 2021. Which is clever because what do you get when you add 11 and 19? Why 30 of course!

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In true chill Adele style, the singer tweeted "hiya babes" from her official account, which further added to the frenzy.

Adele's music is renowned for bringing all of the tears, with her soulful and heartbreak-filled music. One fan joked, "adele I cannot handle new music rn I am very delicate have mercy."

Another user added, "The fact that Adele is releasing new music soon is so scary bc I KNOW that woman is gonna tear my heart into shreds."

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According to Vulture, the album isn't all we're to expect in the upcoming months. As a matter of fact, they claim that the talented star is going to hit our screens too.

"Vulture hears Adele’s camp has approached multiple networks and platforms about the idea of staging a TV special tied to the new release. No deals are in place, and talks are still in the exploratory stage."

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The release comes after a year filled with ups and downs for the singer. It's only months after Adele finalized her divorce from Simon Konecki, with whom she shares her son Angelo, after a two-year battle over finances. Also, there was heartbreaking news for Adele after a devastating family loss.

Considering the enormous success of her music thus far, there's no doubt this new album is going to be a hit, and that's not all she's winning at. Adele's weight loss and romantic life are signs that things are getting better and better. She shared the first Instagram photo with her new boyfriend and they look adorable together.

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