Michelle Obama’s 'Becoming' has been re-released for a younger audience

Michelle Obama’s 'Becoming' has been re-released with a new lovely message for her younger audience

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Michelle Obama has released a new version of her book Becoming that included an adorable message to her younger readers. 

The former FLOTUS released her book ‘Becoming’ in November 2018, and this year she has re-released a new version that has been adapted for a younger audience.

Michelle Obama announced the launch of the young reader’s edition of her book on Twitter. “Today’s the day! You can find the young readers’ edition and the paperback edition of Becoming wherever books are sold. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to widen our community, and I'm especially excited for young people to read along as they begin their journeys of becoming,” said Michelle.

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Michelle posted a video with encouraging words alongside this release. In the video, Michelle said, “It is ok not to know who you are or exactly what you want to be or do right now.” She continued to say that even now, as an adult, she still is figuring out the right path for herself. 

She continued to say that ‘becoming’ is a continual process. “As I’ve always said, the process of becoming yourself isn’t finite. It doesn’t have an end, it’s not like you wake up one day, and you are who you intended to be, and that is that. It is a process, it is an ever-evolving process you never stop becoming,” she said. 

Fans are loving this message from Michelle, and many have taken to social media to share their excitement that she is reaching out to a younger audience. One fan said, “Loved Becoming! Can’t wait for young readers to enjoy this inspiring story.” 

Another fan commented, “Parents and their children can each read their books together, then follow up with discussions about particular ideas or antidotes presented in the book. What a great opportunity for engaging in conversations with each other. Communication is the key to healthy, strong families.”

On Instagram, Michelle posted an image of her new book cover. Michelle said in the caption, “There is no feeling quite like holding a copy of your own book! And I'm so excited for you all to read the young readers' and paperback editions of Becoming. I'd love to see your photos and reflections! #IAmBecoming”

Michelle Obama - Becoming: Adapted for younger readers

Becoming: Adapted for younger Readers by Michelle Obama

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