How to cool down in the heatwave: six genius buys

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  • While we’re welcoming the recent hot weather with open arms, and embracing the fact that summer is finally here, there’s no denying that the heat can be tough to deal with.

    Having to do all of our normal daily tasks – shopping, working, commuting – when its 30+ degrees outside can make everything just that little bit more difficult.

    And that’s before we even head to bed at night. When it’s hot and sticky, attempting to get to sleep in rooms not built for warm weather, and trying to stay comfortable, can be nigh-on impossible.

    But there are products that can help you to cool down even on the hottest of days.

    Whether you need help cooling down in bed, or you find yourself burning up on the way to work – we’ve put together a list of the best products out there to help you stay cool in this heatwave.

    Here’s how to cool down in the hot weather…

    Argos Challenge white desk fan

    If there’s one thing that undeniably helps you cool down when it’s hot outside, it’s a fan. And if you’re looking to pick one up to help you deal with the warm days we’re having, look no further than this option from Argos.

    The Challenge, 12″ desk fan, with three speed settings, is going down a storm with customers. Argos have reported that it’s been flying off the shelves over the past few days, and it’s won over 2,000 positive reviews on the companies website.

    The retailer recently revealed how sales of the fan have sky-rocketed following the current heatwave. They said, “For those stuck in the office, keeping cool al-desko was a key concern, with fan sales up 1,448 per cent year-on-year.

    “Argos’s top selling fan, the Challenge White 12″ Desk Fan, was up a whopping 1,411 per cent year-on-year.”

    But best of all, the desk fan is on sale for just £14.99, so you won’t have to break in order to stay cool at home or in the office.

    Customers online have been flocking to the product to praise it for helping them through the heatwave. One wrote, ‘ No joke… it might not be the fanciest fan but without it I would be a puddle on the floor, I don’t know how I survived without it. I would definitely recommend, definitely worth the money!’

    And another agreed, saying, ‘This fan is extremely good, works very well, easy enough to assemble and completely silent. For the price exceptional value.’

    High praise indeed!

    Buy here for £14.99

    The Body Shop Cooling Foot Spray

    There’s nothing worse on a hot day than having your feet trapped in a pair of boots or trainers – leaving you feeling like your entire body is burning up because your feet are so warm.

    So if you’re wondering how to cool down your feet, you may want to give the Body Shop’s Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray a go.

    The £6.50 bottle promises to ‘revive and refresh’ tired, hot tootsies with just a quick spritz. Plus, with its minty scent, it will also go someway to combatting any pesky smell, too…

    The Body Shop’s product has won rave reviews on their website, with one customer claiming, ‘I love this, it’s so refreshing for hot and sweaty feet after a long day’. Another fan also said, ‘I totally love this cooling foot spray for a quick fix in summer. It really cools my feet down fast and smells fab too!’

    Buy here for £6.50

    Magicool Body and Face Cooler Spray

    However, if you’re also after a product to help cool down your entire body, you can’t get much better than the Magicool Body and Face Cooler Spray.

    The spray, which is sold for £4.88 at Boots, is one of the most popular out there – and has been dubbed. ‘your very own air-conditioner’. The handy bottle also promises to ‘cool, hydrate, and calm’ the skin – making it ideal for when you’re especially hot and bothered.

    Simply spritz it all over yourself whenever you’re in a hot car or other warm space. It’s also ideal for cooling down on muggy nights, or after working out. Plus, the spray can also be used on pets – so if your dog is suffering after a hot walk, feel free to give them a spray too!

    Buy here for £4.88

    Therapur Cooling Pillow

    Whenever it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is lay down on an equally hot pillow. So how to cool down in bed? Enter the Therapur Cool Pillow, a pillow specifically made with a fabric that helps to regulate your body temperature.

    The product doesn’t come cheap at £49, but it’s certainly be worth the investment. So how does it work? According to the brand, the pillow absorbs heat when you are hot – ensuring you stay at a normal temperature all throughout the night.

    And it’s not just a product for the summer. The pillow also releases heat when you are cool – and so is ideal for winter too.

    Made up of microfibre and memory foam, it’s also a super-comfy and supportive option for your nightly slumber – need we say any more?

    Buy here for £49

    GelO Cooling Pillow Mat

    Now, while the cooling pillow is one option, with this cooling pillow mat, you can really take your night’s sleep to the next level.

    GelO have designed a mat that stretches across your normal pillow, and was primarily made for those customers who want to combat hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause.

    Hot flushes are a common symptom of the life stage, and combining that with a hot, sweaty night can be almost torturous – which is where the cooling mat comes in.

    You simply pop the pillow, full of gel, in the fridge to cool down, and use it whenever you need a refresh. Sounds heavenly…

    Its use is also two-fold, as the product can be heated up as well, to help soothe any aches and pains.

    On sale for £23.95, this is definitely one we’ll be popping in our online shopping basket.

    Buy here for £23.95

    Dyson Hot and Cool fan

    Every home, in the hot weather, should be able to enjoy the cooling relief of a fan. And this Dyson one is one of the best on the market. While very expensive at £499, this Pure Hot and Cool Link fan monitors the temperature of the room to cool it down quickly and evenly.

    One of the most desirable features of the fan is the fact that it has a Quiet Mark accreditation, meaning it won’t keep you up (or wake you up) at night. The slick fan also has a sleep timer, and so can be scheduled to turn off between 15 minutes and nine hours after you turn it on – ideal for when you’d rather not use your electricity all night long.

    Buy here for £499

    Gel memory foam mattress topper

    This memory foam mattress topper, available from between £99 and £175 depending on the size of your bed, works again to regulate your body temperature during the night.

    The mattress topper, which is as comfortable as it is cooling, is infused with gel particles in order to absorb and disperse body heat – to regular your temperature.

    So far, the product has received huge praise online, winning over 230 5* reviews on the Dunelm website! Are you convinced?

    Buy here for £99

    So will you be picking any of these up to help you survive the heat?

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