Ashley Graham jokes about her postpartum hair loss

Ashley Graham has branded herself a ‘Bond villain’ after pregnancy resulted in hair-loss

Ashley Graham
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Ashley Graham jokingly compares herself to a ‘Bond villain’ as her hair continues to grow out after pregnancy-related hair loss. 

Many women suffer from hair loss during pregnancy, and Ashley Graham has shown her fans that she is just like everyone else. The star took to Instagram to show off 'baby hairs,' which are still growing out following hair loss after her pregnancy with her first child.

The model captioned the image, “I may not be a bond girl, but I can be a bond villain (postpartum baby hairs come through!!!).” She posted an image of herself next to Elvis from the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

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A consultant Trichologist at Philip Kingsley,  Anabel Kingsley, said, "During pregnancy, raised estrogen levels to keep hairs in their anagen (growth) phase for longer than usual. After giving birth, or stopping to breast-feed, these levels drop, returning to normal.”

“This can cause hairs retained during pregnancy to shed in a short period of time, resulting in a type of hair shedding called post-partum hair fall,” said the consultant. Reports suggest that around 50% of women suffer from postpartum hair loss after pregnancy, meaning that it may be more common than you think. 

Fans love that Ashley Graham is using her platform to speak about this common problem. One fan said on social media, “I love seeing this because I’m going through the same thing, and seeing you accept your baby hairs is such an inspiration and makes me feel so good about my postpartum baby hairs! Thank you, and I look up to you so much.” Another commented, “Omg, I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only one!! Thank you for sharing!”

Celebrities have also commented on Instagram with their experiences. Katherine Schwarzenegger recently had a daughter, Lyla Maria Pratt, with actor husband Chris Pratt, commented, “Omg ME TOO.” 

Other celebrity pals praised Ashley for pulling off this shorter look. Emily Ratajkowski commented on the post, “I mean damn, you pull it off.”

This post from Ashley isn’t the first time the model has used her platform to speak about the less glamourous side effects of pregnancy. In February 2020, Ashley posted about wearing disposable underwear following the birth of her son. She said in a post, " After all these years in fashion, I never could’ve guessed that disposable underwear would be my favorite piece of clothing, but here we are! "

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