The wooden spoon cleaning hack that's gone viral

A new hack has gone viral that shows you how best to clean your wooden spoons

Wooden Spoons
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A cleaning hack for cleaning wooden spoons has gone viral, and people are going crazy for it.

Fans are obsessed with this free hack, which finally makes cleaning wooden spoons simple. The video from Bonnie McNamara, aka Miss Clean With Me, has been viewed over 15 million times and has over a million likes from fans of this easy hack.

Wooden spoons have always been challenging to clean due to the absorbent nature of wood. This means that various bits of food debris can be embedded, meaning that the spoon can become saturated in food particles over time. However, one clever TikTok shows viewers how to clean their wooden spoons quickly and easily- and you don’t need to buy any cleaning products!

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The hack shows that just by leaving wooden spoons in boiling water, the spoons can be rinsed of all the food they have soaked up.

Many fans love this hack, but some have said that they are already scared to do it to their own utensils. One commenter said, “pretty sure I’d throw up if I did this to my wooden spoons the amount of stuff they’ve been through.” Another wrote, “I...I don’t even want to think about my grandma’s 30+-year-old spoons.”

On the flip side, some viewers think that the oils stuck in the spoons might be adding a bit of flavor to their food. One person commented, “Well, there goes the seasoning,” which was liked by over two hundred thousand people. Another wrote, “That’s why my soup tastes so good.” 

Some people have also expressed concern for the TikTok user putting boiling water in a thin glass cup. One commenter said, “Why is no one commenting on the BOILING WATER in a glass???” It should be noted that in order to try this hack, it is probably best to use a stronger product to carry the boiling liquid. Perhaps a Pyrex Jug or a mug is best suited for this hack. 

One news website, KentLive, tried out the hack for themselves and were very impressed with the results. Scott Banks, who tried the hack, said that after a few hours of the spoon being submerged in boiling water, he found that the hack had worked. “I was surprised because much like in the TikTok video, I now had a jug of disgusting water courtesy of my wooden spoon,” he said.

Others argue that boiling water will strip the spoons of their natural oils that protect the wood from bacteria and could warp the spoons. It seems that everyone has their own ways to wash wooden spoons and really only a bit of soap and water is necessary. But the hack is still a fun way to see how much gunk comes out of your worn-out utensils!

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