9 sustainable furniture brands to shop for eco-friendly pieces in 2023

Go green and fill your home with pieces from sustainable furniture brands

A dark green sectional with tonal green cushions in a green living room with lots of plants, styled by Joybird one of 2023's best sustainable furniture brands.
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Revamp your space this spring with eco-friendly home pieces from the best sustainable furniture brands in the US. 

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day or you're trying to make eco-conscious swaps, shopping sustainably is a great way to cut down on waste, reduce animal harm, and create a healthier and cleaner environment. And one of many ways you can shop sustainably is by investing in eco-friendly furniture.

From sofas made of recycled plastic bottles to sustainably sourced wooden coffee tables, we’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable furniture brands to shop today. All the brands we picked either use ethically sourced and recycled materials or go above and beyond by instilling sustainable delivery and ultimately reducing their carbon footprint. Crucially, they all do this without sacrificing on style - we also genuinely love the pieces from these brands. 

We know it can be hard to find where to buy nice furniture online, so we reached out to interior designers to share their go-to brands when shopping for sustainable furniture and asked them for the most earth-friendly materials to look for in furniture.

Best sustainable furniture brands to shop in 2023

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Need a quick run-down on the best sustainable furniture brands? These are the best eco-friendly home brands at a glance. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about each brand and our favorite pieces from each label.

  • Burrow: Modular sustainable furniture that's modern and functional
  • Goodee : A curated market place of sustainable furniture brands
  • Inside Weather: Customizable furniture and sofas made of recycled bottles
  • Joybird: Chic and modern sustainable furniture
  • Kardiel: Family-owned company with luxury sustainable furniture
  • Medley: Hand-crafted modern furniture made from eco-friendly materials
  • Sabai: Female-owned sustainable, earth-friendly furniture brand
  • The Citizenry: Sustainable furniture handmade from artisans around the world
  • West Elm: High-end mid-century modern sustainable furniture

1. Burrow

A light gray Burrow sectional in a living room for sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Burrow)

Burrow is home to sustainable modular furniture, allowing you to customize and create your perfect space with functional pieces. You'll find their sofas to be made with upcycled materials and FSC-certified wooden frames, as well as leather pieces that are ethically sourced. 

Consider this brand if... you're looking for modern and functional sustainable furniture that's easy to build, durable, and long-lasting.

Avoid this brand if... you're not a fan of upright furniture and prefer deep, cushiony sofas. If you return anything, you'll also have to pay a return fee of 10% to 20% of the product's price, which will be a downside for some. 

2. Inside Weather

Inside Weather for w&h's sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Inside Weather)

Inside Weather produces sustainable made-to-order furniture right in California. With sofas made from over 2,000 recycled plastic water bottles, FSC-certified wood that's ethically sourced, and nontoxic fabrics, this is a brand that really puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability. The modern home brand also provides carbon-neutral shipping with eco-compression technology, customized packaging, and fuel-efficient pickups. And the icing on the cake, Inside Weather partners with the National Forest Foundation, so with every purchase made, one tree is planted. 

Consider this brand if... you love customizable, high-end sustainable furniture. Inside Weather also offer a 365-day home trial if you want to try your new pieces out before committing - which is a big bonus.

Avoid this brand if... you're on a budget or don't like having a lot of options to choose from.

3. Joybird

Joybird for sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Joybird)

Joybird is a mid-century modern furniture brand with a wide selection of handcrafted, quality furniture that, according to the brand, is meant to last a lifetime. Behind the furniture are artisans in Mexico who work in a safe environment while receiving great benefits. From its Greenguard Gold Certified status to the brand's use of fabrics made from recycled water bottles, Joybird's environmental initiatives are impressive. 

The brand also partners with FloorFound, allowing customers to shop discounted second-hand Joybird furniture. And whether you're shopping new or second-hand, in partnership with One Tree Planted, each purchase helps support reforestation and restoration programs. 

Consider this brand if... mid-century modern is your vibe or if you're on the hunt for gorgeous second-hand furniture. Joybird also offers a lifetime limited warranty to all of its manufactured products, such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, and more furniture pieces.

Avoid this brand if... you prefer bolder furniture pieces. The brand also charges for returned shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee, which can be costly if you're not 100% sure about the product.

4. West Elm

A furnished West Elm kitchen for sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: West Elm)

West Elm is known for its high-end, mid-century modern furniture and according to the brand, they're the only home retailer on Barron's 100 Most Sustainable US Companies list since 2018. A few of the brand's sustainability initiatives include collaborating with artisans for handcrafted pieces, expanding low-impact materials, reducing waste, sustainably sourcing organic cotton for bedding and bath towels and sourcing FSC-certified wood.  By the end of 2023, the home brand and its partner, Arbor Day Foundation, plan to plant six million trees, which customers can make happen with every indoor wooden furniture purchase.

Consider this brand if... you love having a wide range of items to shop from and are looking for high-quality, modern furniture that's sustainably sourced and built to last.

Avoid this brand if... mid-century modern isn't your cup of tea. The brand doesn't offer any warranties as standard, but allows its customers to purchase an Allstate protection plan.

5. Kardiel

A living room with a brown leather sofa and green accent chair for sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Kardiel)

Kardiel is a family-owned luxury furniture company that produces hand-made contemporary and modern furniture by designers using sustainable materials. From coffee tables made with internal wood from fast tree growings such as ash and birch to cushions that meet fire regulations with no added VOC chemicals, Kardiel is doing its part by having a low carbon footprint. Along with using earth-friendly materials, the brand also uses SmartWay freight partners to ship their products, a decision they claim has saved $33.4 billion in fuel costs since 2004. The company has also partnered with One Tree Planted to support forest fire reforestation efforts in Northeast Oregon. With every purchase made, one tree is planted. 

Consider this brand if... contemporary and modern furniture is your style. Kardiel also offers a competitive 365-day trial and lifetime warranty.

Avoid this brand if... you're looking for affordable, one-of-a-kind furniture options. The brand also charges a 15% restocking fee for items returned after 16 days.

6. Sabai

A living room furnished with Sabai furniture pieces for sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Sabai)

Sabai is a female-owned sustainable, earth-friendly furniture brand that produces luxury home pieces in North Carolina. From sustainable pillows made from recycled water bottles to upcycled and recycled sofas, Sabai is a great brand to turn to if you're trying to make more sustainable living choices. CEO and Co-founder of Sabai Design, Phantila Phataraprasit, says they created the first repairable furniture program of its kind - Repair Don't Replace. 

"You can continue to breathe new life into your Sabai pieces by repairing single parts," Phataraprasit told w&h. "By decreasing the lifecycle of your furniture, you decrease your waste and save resources and emissions that go into new pieces."

Consider this brand if... you're looking for affordable yet luxury sustainable furniture and want to fill your home with secondhand pieces at a discounted price.

Avoid this brand if... you're the kind of person who needs an array of options. Sabai also charges a 10% return and processing fee, though this is lower than some others on this list.

A gray Medley chaise sectional in a furnished living room for the best sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Medley)

7. Medley

Medley is an eco-friendly furniture brand co-founded by brothers Travis Nagle and Ryan Shultz. The brand's mission is to shift the way furniture is made by using clean, eco materials that are locally made with quality and comfort. All of Medley's furniture is handcrafted in California using FSC-certified wood, natural Dunloop latex and CertiPUR-US-certified poly foam for filing, OEKO-TEX standard 100 wool sourced from farmers, and natural fibers such as breathable cotton, jute, and burlap. 

Consider this brand if... you're looking for modern and affordable furniture that comes with many warranty options. Medley offers a lifetime warranty on furniture frames and wood products, a 20-year warranty on mattresses, a 10-year warranty on cushion cores, and a 5-year warranty on fabrics against manufacturing defects.

Avoid this brand if... you don't have time to wait weeks or even months to receive your order. Any furniture ordered with a non-stocked fabric is subject to a 20% restocking fee if canceled, changed or returned, too.

8. The Citizenry

A living room filled with furniture from the Citizenry for the best sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: The Citzenry)

The Citizenry is a sustainable furniture brand that partners with local artisans country by country and sells a small batch of the artists' handcrafted creations exclusively on its website. As the first home retailer to have all of its products made with a fair trade process, its artists are what truly makes the brand. The Citenzry also invests 10% of its proceeds back into artisan communities. From Japan to Mexico to Indonesia to Morocco to your home, you can fill your living space with handmade FTC-certified wooden chairs and ethically sourced leather ottomans made straight from the hands of artisans. The combination of all-natural and organic materials and small-batch craft techniques guarantees lower carbon emissions and waste.  

Consider this brand if... you want one-of-a-kind furniture pieces handcrafted from artisans around the world.

Avoid this brand if... you don't have time to wait weeks or months for made-to-order items. The brand also charges a $65 return fee for oversized items.

9. Goodee

A room filled with Goodee furniture for the best sustainable furniture brands.

(Image credit: Goodee)

Goodee: is a curated marketplace founded by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, and it partners with many artisans and small brands that produce sustainable home and lifestyle products. The brand's in-house sustainability team vets the suppliers and approves every transparently sourced and ethically made item. Each brand partner also reports their materials, supply chain, and ecological impact back to Goodee. Goodee takes pride in having 100% of its products made from sustainable fabrics and having one of the lowest return rates in the industry at 5%, allowing them to manage its shipping emissions and create a low carbon footprint. With over 64 brands, you'll find furniture made of recycled and natural materials and a handful of carbon-neutral pieces. 

Consider this brand if... you want to shop a wide variety of furniture styles from different sustainable brands. You'll find anything from Japandi styles to mid-century.

Avoid this brand if... you're on a budget. The brand has a slim 14-day return policy on furniture purchases and does not allow returns on customized and made-to-order items.

What type of furniture is most sustainable?

Although many furniture brands are environmentally friendly, using sustainable materials and having a low carbon footprint, what type of furniture is the most sustainable? Founder and principal of Maydan Architects Mary Maydan tells woman&home that furniture made of recycled materials are always a good choice. "Recyclable materials or fully sustainable and natural materials, such as hemp, linen, and bamboo is definitely a step in the right direction." 

Founder and creative director of Pure Design Inc: Design, Build, & Shoppe Ami McKay says the best sustainable furniture choices are often from recycled and upcycled items. "Look for old-world, vintage pieces that are often non-toxic," Mckay says. "And if you plan to reupholster an item, consider using natural latex for your cushions." Regarding the most sustainable materials, Mckay recommends handmade natural wood, natural textiles, wool, linen, cotton, and silk. Citenzry and Joybird are furniture brands Mckay personally recommends because of their sustainably sourced wood and ethical production.

Teresa Olson, the owner of Olson House, advises investing in good quality secondhand pieces. Ideally, try to find out the manufacturer and materials to ensure you are buying a quality piece that will last for a long time. Olson adds that if you aren't able to know the manufacturer of the secondhand items, it's hard to know what it's made of. This is where brands like Joybird and Sabai shine because you know where their secondhand furniture pieces are from. 

What are the most sustainable sofa companies?

Burrow, Sabai, and Inside Weather are known for their sustainable sofas. Inside Weather offers plush sofas made from recycled plastic water bottles, while Sabai's sofas are gorgeous and sustainably built with recycled and up-cycled fabrics with an FSC-certified wooden frame. And if you need some persuading, Olson says she's personally a fan of Burrow's sofa.

Sabai also takes it a step further with its buyback program, Sabai Revive. Instead of tossing your furniture to the curb, the brand eliminates waste by allowing customers to trade in their old Sabai sofa or buy one secondhand from the site.

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