Aldi's 'super quick' heated clothes airer returns to the middle aisle this weekend

Whether the winged model or upright airer, at £34.99 and £79.99 these Aldi Specialbuys are the by far best budget options for drying winter laundry

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Both of Aldi's heated clothes airers are being re-released for the first time this year after selling out in record time last November – both the winged airer and the more generous upright model are due to arrive this weekend.

Having personally tried the winged design ourselves, while testing the best heated clothes airers, we cannot wait for stocks to come back this Sunday 14th January – and the Upright Heated Airer is sure to get shoppers in a spin priced at £79.99 because it fairs £100 cheaper than best-selling alternatives.

Both airers offer great value for money when buying a heated appliance this season – their arrival is perfectly timed to help those struggling to dry clothes indoors this winter because of freezing temperatures. 

Best-selling Aldi heated clothes airer is back tomorrow

Aldi heated clothes airer in a kitchen with clothes drying

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We got to try out Aldi's £34.99 winged heated clothes airer and our tester was thoroughly pleased with the results. This is the reason we are over the moon with Aldi's announcement that both sell-out heated airers will be returning to stores tomorrow. The original winged airer comes with foldable wings, making it much more compact if you don’t want to put it away after every use.

"Heating up in just a matter of minutes, the Aldi Airer gets to work drying clothes super quickly," said our expert tester Amy Hunt. "After three hours of drying our items, everything was mostly dry, which was a great result given that I live in a fairly poorly ventilated property."

Aldi heated clothes airer being tested

The £34.99 Aldi heated clothes airer being tested in Amy's home 

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We also rank it highly for comparison on how much it costs to run a heated clothes airer. "One huge highlight of using this airer is that the drying didn’t cost much at all," said our tester Amy. "Based on current energy prices, the airer costs less than 7p per hour to run, meaning three hours of almost dry laundry, at an estimate, costs just 21p."

This affordable running cost is another reason why this is a great choice for those on a budget.

What is important to note is that the cover, which helpfully comes included in the price, is essential for getting your laundry to dry as quickly as possible on this Aldi airer. Thankfully, the cover is easy to fit and use.

For comparison:

Aldi's upright heated clothes airer returns for winter

In addition to the winged model we tested, Aldi is also selling an upright heated airer that we haven't yet had the pleasure to try out – yet.

While for some the winged heated airer is enough of a heated solution there's no denying that the larger upright models offer a lot more value for money, in terms of how much more you can dry at one time. This model is ideal for those looking for even more drying space, featuring 36 drying bars across three tiers this fantastic device is said to make light work of drying clothes, towels and bedding.

But of course, the larger the airer the larger the price tag. Luckily the Aldi upright model is far more affordable than similar alternatives on the market. For comparison, Aldi's Easy Home upright heated airer is priced at £79.99, £100 less than the best-selling Lakeland model which earns the best overall model in our round-up of the best-heated clothes airers on the market...

We wanted to recommend this model on our buying guide as the superior buy for those on a budget but unfortunately, because it sells out quicker than you can complete a spin cycle, and would therefore leave customers disappointed, we couldn't add it to our trusted edit.

Knowing how highly our tester rated the affordable laundry solution we are happy to recommend a visit to the middle aisle this weekend to pick up either of these affordable Aldi heated clothes airers. 

While in Aldi it's worth looking out for the Specialbuys electric blanket, which is a Silentnight model that also features on our roundup of the best electric blankets to buy in 2024.

I'm still holding out for hope that the Aldi Every Ways pan comes back into stock to give that a try to see if it really can rival the famous Our Place Always Pan.

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