The chic dining room trend that's best avoided, especially in a family home

This popular interior trend is bad Feng Shui, according to experts...

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Is your home giving off bad vibes and you just can't figure out why? Experts have revealed the number one interior design trend that may be seriously messing with your house's Feng Shui.  

It's no secret that our environments can impact our moods and mental well-being but there are some surprising interior design choices that can affect us way more than a simple messy desk ever could. 

It makes sense that knowing how to arrange your bedroom is important for ultimate relaxation and good energy but there are also certain interior design trends that can contribute to an overall sense of well-being and good energy - like the Japandi interior trend which focuses on minimalism and comfort.

But there are also some interior design choices that can have the opposite effect. Furniture experts have released a list of seven furniture items and interior design trends that are the worst for bringing 'bad energy' into our homes - and the number one spot might take you by surprise. 

When designing your space, Feng Shui may have not been at the top of your priorities. However, Nic Shacklock from, warns that the ancient Chinese practice can completely disrupt the flow of energy throughout your home. He says, "Some people even believe bad Feng Shui can lead to family misunderstandings and disagreements." 

So what is the number one trend to avoid? What is the design choice bringing negative energy into our homes? According to the experts, it's... glass dining tables. 

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You may be looking at your glass dining table right now and questioning what could be so bad about it. The experts explain that it holds unsuspected symbolism. "Although they can look chic and stylish, a glass dining table actually represents fragility in the family home," continues Nic. Instead of glass, consider choosing a table that is made of a sturdier solid material, like wood. 

Woman&home Homes Editor Tamara Kelly shared her thoughts on the Feng Shui faux pas, "Aside from what the experts say about bad Feng Shui I personally worry more about the practicality of a glass dining table," she says. "My parents have one and I cannot tell you HOW often it needs cleaning because of mucky fingerprints and the spills that are so commonplace while dining." So if you're wondering how often you need to clean your house, if you have a glass dining table the answer is a lot.

It's not only greasy handprints and dinner spills that glass furniture brings to the table, it's also a difficult piece to move if you're entertaining guests. "There's also the issue that glass tables are super heavy and not that easy to move, because of the weight of the reinforced glass," continues Tamara. "Freedom of movement and flow of energy is important for better Feng Shui, glass dining tables aren't particularly suitable for that reason also."    

So if you're looking to create a stress-free home, both in terms of Feng Shui and cleaning, adding a glass table to your space is one living room design mistake you might want to avoid. 

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Glass dining tables weren't the only problematic interior trend we didn't see coming. Also scoring high on the 'bad' Feng Shui list was positioning mirrors opposite your front door. 

Despite many people using mirrors in hopes of brightening and opening up a space, they can actually act as more of a spiritual hindrance. According to the experts at Online Bedrooms, "It is believed that having a mirror directly opposite your door causes any good energy that may enter to bounce straight out." Feng shui aside, careful placement of your mirror can make a small bedroom look bigger - so instead of placing it opposite to your door, ensure your mirror is opposite your window. 

Aside from glass furniture, It's been found that placing oversized low-hanging lights in your bedroom can create heavy feelings of pressure and stress when trying to sleep. So you may want to keep the statement lighting to the kitchen and save yourself from all those restless nights (in fact, we wholeheartedly recommend having statement lights in the kitchen, it's one of the key kitchen trends of 2023!) 

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So, what is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes energy forces within a space to create a sense of harmony and balance. Once solely a tradition in the Far East, the practice has now spread to Western countries and has continued to be adapted into many forms. 

The key aim is to create a space that exudes positive energy. This is done by not only paying close attention to the positioning of the furniture within a space but also the actual furniture itself. Sharp corners, low-to-the-ground beds and cluttered surfaces are particularly disruptive when it comes to creating a peaceful space. Many of the key bedroom trends of 2023 follow these principles, particularly the Japandi bedroom trend.

A home with good Feng Shui is said to bring its occupants good luck, wealth, healthy relationships, wisdom and many other favorable attributes. 

Perhaps it's time to move that mirror! 

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