These expert-approved TikTok sex hacks actually work

There are plenty of TikTok sex hacks to try, but which ones actually work? Here is a sex expert's opinion about these trends...

TikTok sex hacks
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There are a number of TikTok sex hacks that you may want to try but not all of them are recommended by experts, here are a few that are scientifically approved and guaranteed to spice up your sex life!

From learning how to have an orgasm to discovering the best sex positions for your star sign, TikTok has become a go-to platform for people who are looking to spice up their sex life.

A sex expert, Dr. Janet Brito, a certified sex therapist & supervisor at LoveHoney has revealed which viral TikToks actually work and has given her golden seal of approval to some of the most popular trends.

So which TikTok sex hacks are recommended by an expert, and how can you try them out?

Stomach Sex Hack


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A popular trend on TikTok encouraged viewers to push down on the lower part of a woman's stomach during penetrative sex so that the G-spot was more engaged. This trick became known as the 'belly press trick' and many TikTok users now swear by it.

Dr Janet commented, "The stomach sex hack may work for some, but the most important thing is to experiment, as some folks may experience more sensation around other areas of the pelvis. Trying new moves to create pleasurable sensations is always a good idea, with consent of course."

Sex Pillow Hack


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Another hack encouraged viewers to use a pillow under their pelvis to help to angle their hips while having penetrative sex. This hack became known as the 'sex pillow hack' and fans loved using pillows for a variety of different sex positions.

Dr. Janet says that this hack is great and can also allow for deeper penetration."The sex pillow hack allows for an anterior pelvic tilt, or for the pelvis to angle upwards, making penetrative sex more comfortable, easier to experiment with various angles, and allowing for deeper penetration," said the expert.

Masturbation Technique


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Female masturbation can be a struggle for some, but a hack on TikTok encouraged viewers to focus on stimulating a clitoris and being as gentle as they would be if they were touching an egg yolk.

Dr. Janet said that gentle external stimulation is key for this technique and can be a great way to understand how to touch the clitoris.

"This masturbation technique is a helpful suggestion for both internal and external stimulation. Most importantly, it is best to obtain consent first and ask the receiver how they want to be stimulated." But Dr. Janet added, "some folks may prefer a less gentle approach and like more rough penetration."

4 minute foreplay


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Another TikToker told viewers that the best way to spice up your sex life is to set a timer on your phone for four minutes and take it in turns to do whatever you want to your partner.

"4-min foreplay works with consent and for those couples who are comfortable with adventure. Novelty helps to spice things up in the bedroom and to rediscover each other," said Dr. Janet who approved of this simple way to have exciting foreplay.

Tantric sex

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The last hack encouraged TikTokers to try out tantric sex so that they are fully present when having sex and in the moment. The hack encourages fans to avoid music and turn off their phones, TVs, and radios, and engage with their partner.

Dr. Janet comments that this can be a great way to connect with your partner, particularly if you suffer from performance anxiety. 

"Tantric sex may help folks who are anxious about sexual performance to move away from thinking about sex to being in their bodies. By being curious about one’s body’s sensations, and practicing a non-judgemental stance, tantric sex helps folk to reframe sex from a performative activity to a pleasure-based one," said the sex expert.

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