The super unsanitary thing you should never do on planes according to a flight attendant - and you're probably guilty of it

A flight attendant recommends avoiding this...

unsanitary thing you should never do on planes
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A flight attendant has revealed the rather unhygienic plane habit you should avoid while flying - and it's likely you're already guilty of it. 

It seems like there's so many dos and don'ts and endless advice flying around the internet, especially when it comes to TikTok. Whether it's the one thing you should never do in the shower or the thing a dentist says you need to avoid doing when brushing your teeth, we're always hearing new life advice online - and some is actually pretty simple and worth hearing.

Now, a flight attendant has gone viral with a video about the things he recommends NEVER doing while jet setting, with experienced cabin crew member Tommy Cimato giving tips on everything from what to wear on a plane to stay as clean as possible, as well as the thing you really shouldn't do when falling asleep on a plane

unsanitary thing you should never do on planes

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If you're partial to taking a nap in the sky to pass the time, you're probably keen on nabbing a window seat so you can rest your head against the wall, but in the video shared on his TikTok account, Tommy warns against just that. 

"Do not fall asleep or lean your head on the window," he said, adding, "You are the not the only one who has done that, and you do not know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window."

unsanitary thing you should never do on planes

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Tommy goes on to recommend keeping yourself covered up on flights too, in order to avoid coming into contact with unsanitary seats. 

"Don't, or try not, to wear shorts when you're on an airplane," he said. 


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"It's the same thing as the window. You never know how clean it's going to be. If you have pants, you are going to have less germs."

Sharing another 'super unsanitary' part of the plane to avoid, Tommy added, "Do not ever touch the flush button or lever with your bare hands.

"It's honestly just super unsanitary and it's pretty gross. So when you flush, use a napkin or a tissue that's in the lavatory."

Caitlin Elliott