Skechers’ new walking shoes are the perfect Mother's Day gift to give your mum the ultimate comfort

Skechers’ new Arch Fit walking shoes offer podiatrist-certified support to keep you stable and comfortable on long walks

Sketchers new range
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If there’s one thing the last year has been good for, it’s getting us all up and on our feet and exploring our local areas. For many of us, walking has become the only opportunity for freedom, exercise and fresh air - and of course we want to be as comfortable as possible while doing it.

So while some of us have used the opportunity to splash out on some of the best leggings around, there are those of use who'd prefer to treat ourselves to a new pair of comfortable and supportive walking shoes.

And if you fall into the latter group, then we think that shoe experts Skechers could be the way to go.

The innovative footwear brand has launched their groundbreaking Skechers Arch Fit® technology into their shoe lines.

The new insole system provides arch support with a removable supportive cushioning that is designed to make walking more comfortable - perfect for gifting your mum on Mother's Day in preparation for a lovely outdoor Sunday walk.

With a shape that was developed with over 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans, the Arch Fit® insole aims to distribute pressure across the arch of your foot to provide added stability, balance and support.

It also comes with a lightweight but sturdy cushioning system that aids stability by offering complete foot support - and it even features technology that means it won’t lose its shape.

And if you’re looking to get stylish for you walk and want something a bit more fashion-forward than a pair of trainers, Arch Fit® is also available in a selection of shoe and boot styles. Take a look at some of our favourite Skechers style that feature the innovative new technology.

Skechers Arch Fit® shoes: Our top picks

Skechers arch fit sunny outlook

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Skechers arch fit flex

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Skechers arch fit grateful

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Skechers arch fit lasso

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Skechers arch fit conquer

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If want to choose your new pair from a bigger selection of styles, you can shop the full range of Arch Fit shoes at

Looks like our Mothering Sunday walks are about to get a load more comfortable!