What Do Your Cravings Really Mean?

Learn what your cravings really mean - and how to curb them once and for all...

By the middle of the week you’re probably yearning for some deliciously velvety chocolate or super salty crisps? It’s not always a sign of weak will power. In fact, even the naughtiest food cravings can be a hint that our bodies lack something essential.

Whether we need a mineral-boosting bar of chocolate or a flu-fighting dose of spice, know how to read the cravings and you can learn how to satisfy them without bursting your calorie quota. In fact, some of the strongest salty and sugary urges have nothing to do with food. More often than not, they could be a symptom of tiredness, stress or just feeling a little down in the dumps.

So find out what your food cravings really mean, and put an end to the distractions once and for all.

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