This everyday morning habit could be disrupting your sleep more than you realise

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  • If you are someone that can spring out of bed as soon as your alarm sounds, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few that don’t even need an alarm, you’ll never know the struggle of the snooze button.

    No matter what alarm sound you set, it could be the radio or a song that usually fills you with excitement, if you’re not a morning person nothing can persuade you to leave the warmth of your bed. And once you get into the habit of hitting snooze, it can be a tricky cycle to stop. 

    Sadly, this morning routine could be damaging your sleep more than it is helping it. Fragmented sleep will make you feel more tired throughout the day. So you stop chasing those extra three, five or 10 minutes wrapped in your duvet and instead throw it off as soon as you hear the alarm ring.

    According to ASAP Science

     hitting snooze interferes with your body’s waking up process. As a whole, using an alarm is not the best way to wake up because it disrupts our natural sleep cycle but for most of us we have no choice.

    Disrupting your sleep can bring on a feeling known as sleep inertia. This is the sluggish cloud that seems to follow you around until eventually you feel like a functioning human, and you might have had a coffee or two…

    The feeling of sleep inertia will eventually lift as the day goes on but by hitting snooze you trigger more and more of this groggy feeling.

    Each time you hit snooze your body goes into deeper sleep stages. Instead of your body starting its natural preparation of waking up, you send it in the opposite direction.

    Although it is easier said than done, if you want waking up to feel less painful get up as soon as the alarm sounds.

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