New menopause drug will cut hot flushes in just three days

Researchers at Imperial College London have been trialling a new menopause drug which they say can reduce some of its worst symptoms - and fast.

The study, carried out on 37 menopausal women between the age of 40-62, was found to cut hot flushes by three-quarters.

And scientists are holding out hope that the new menopause drug could be a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), to help ease symptoms.

The trial was conducted on women who experienced seven or more hot flushes a day. And findings showed that women taking the new drug had reported an 82% decrease in interrupted sleep. 77% of the women also said that they’d noticed a drop in lost concentration.

And others agreed that their hot flushes decreased within just three days of taking the new drug. In fact, the findings showed that the average number of flushes the women experienced reduced significantly during the four-week trial period.

The study from the university was random and placebo-based, meaning half of the group were not taking the drug for half of the four-week trial period, while the other half were. The groups were then swapped.

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Professor Waljit Dhillo, who works in the Department of Medicine at the university, concluded that the study shows how quickly the benefits for menopausal women could come about with this new drug.

“We already knew this compound could be a game-changer for menopausal women, and get rid of three-quarters of their hot flushes in four weeks” he said.

“But this new analysis confirms the beneficial effect is obtained very quickly – within just three days.”

Reportedly, over 1.5 million women going through the menopause experience symptoms. And many of them can find some, including hot flushes, debilitating.

Hot flushes usually occur as a result of change in your hormone levels. But they can be made worse by external factors such as feeling anxious and by drinking alcohol.

There are also some other causes of hot flushes though, that may not have anything to do with the menopause.

Sometimes, menopause hot flushes can be alleviated by using HRT, which can be very effective. But many women often decide against that option, as it can have an increased risks of some cancers including breast cancer.

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