How To Stop Eating The Wrong Foods: Fridge Tricks To Keep You Slim

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  • We reveal smart ways to help you to stop eating all of those bad foods...

    Want to know how to stop eating the wrong foods?

    If you find yourself charging through a family bag of crisps in one sitting or polishing off a large bar of chocolate most evenings, you may be falling in to a comfort eating trap.

    A few healthy snacks here and there are fine, but over-eating processed foods due to stress or unhappiness not only makes you feel bloated, tired and uncomfortable, it is also one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

    Knowing how to stop eating can be tricky though, especially if it has become a comforting habit that picks you up after a long, stressful day at work.

    So, how do you break that bingeing cycle and stop eating too much of the wrong foods? According to experts, eating less starts with a few clever fridge stacking tricks…

    Placement is important

    Where you place items in your fridge is proven to have a direct effect on what you eat each time you open it.

    According to a study by Cornell University, we are 2.7 times more likely to pick up foods placed in our eye-line and less likely to reach for those in an inconvenient location.

    So next time you unload the shopping, place all the healthy nibbles to the front and push all your naughty treats to the back. Out of sight, out of mind.

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