How To Stay Young

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  • Discover easy, and sometimes surprising, things the wellbeing experts rely on to stay looking and feeling young!

    We all want to be that person you just can?t pin an age on and are certainly not define by their age ? and the older we get, the more likely we are to give birthdays the brush off and declare that ?age is just a number?.

    If you?re ageless, you know what it means to live life to the full. You don?t want to ?outrun time? or ?stop the clock? – and you certainly don?t base what you should or shouldn?t do on the age you happen to be or the age you wish you were. If you?re ageless, you don?t believe the best days are all behind you. You?re focussed on the future ? and making the most of every moment.

    What exactly does it mean to have an ageless attitude to life – and how do you get it? We ask the experts: Dr. Christiane Northrup, leading authority in woman’s wellness and bestselling author, and Sam Owen, psychologist and relationship coach.

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