The shocking reason one in 10 people take their own sheets to hotel rooms

We had no idea that these counted as holiday essentials!

Passport? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Extra underwear? Double check.

Most of us would agree that these are suitcase must-haves, however, there are many Brits packing a little extra for their getaway just to avoid picking up germs.

According to a recent poll from QS Supplies, a staggering 10 per cent of the population are taking personal bedding to hotels.

In a survey of 1008 people, around 10 per cent said they take their own bedding to hotels instead of using the sheets provided.

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That’s not the only surprising statistic - shockingly, around one in 20 are bringing their own cutlery to restaurants.

The research comes as part of a larger survey on tactics we use to avoid germs, including using hand sanitiser and washing pre-washed food before eating.

It’s not surprising that some of us are bringing bedding on holiday, as hotel rooms are known for being notoriously germ-ridden.

Speaking to Time in 2018, associate professor of environmental health at University of Arizona Kelly Reynolds revealed that hotel staff change bed sheets a lot less frequently than you might think.

She told the publication: “Your best bet is to avoid contact. A lot of people will recommend just folding the bedspread back or throwing it on the chair and don’t use it while you’re there.”

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However, beds aren’t the only germ-laden regions of hotel rooms.

A 2012 study from the University of Houston, Purdue University and the University of South Caroline revealed that the germiest parts of hotel rooms are the toilet, the bathroom sink and the TV remote control.

So, if want to reduce your exposure to hotel germs but aren’t willing to carry all your bed linen in your luggage, how can you stay clean on holiday?

According to Kelly, the best approach is to wash your hands and disinfect surfaces in your hotel room before using them. Sounds like good advice to us…

Isa Jaward

Isa Jaward is a journalist from London who has written for the likes of Time Out, The Guardian and Music Week.