Sleeping next to someone who snores can affect your health, study suggests

Not good news!

snoring partner harms health
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Sleep is sacred to most of us.

With such busy lives, difficult jobs and families and kids that are always on the go, we all need our rest at the end of the day.

But catching up on zs isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’ve got noises keeping you up at night.

And while outdoor street noises and creaky houses can be annoying when you’re trying to get some sleep at night, possibly the most annoying thing sound when you’re trying to get some rest has to be when someone is snoring.

When you’ve just started to drift off and your bed partner suddenly starts up their foghorn, the irritation inside builds up from a burning ember to a raging fire as your frustration from not being able to sleep takes over.

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And now a study has revealed that sleeping next to someone who snores can actually be bad for your health.

A study by researchers at Queen’s University in Canada found that the sound of snoring didn’t affect those who were snoring themselves, but those who slept alongside them suffered from hearing damage.

And it’s not good news for your stress levels either.

A study by the Imperial College of Science in London also found that loud noises can raise blood pressure.

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It has also previously been reported that having a broken sleeping pattern can increase the risk of anxiety and depression, while making you more likely to develop obesity or suffer a stroke.

And of course, lack of sleep can affect your daily life.

Not getting enough sleep can lead you to have a lower level of productivity and make more mistakes in whatever you get up to during the day.

Investing in ear plugs could help you to get more sleep or you could even get your partner to try out some snoring remedies to alleviate their symptoms!