Want an extra 15 days off work next year? Here’s how you can pull it off

Summer is nearly over, which means many of us have come back to our desks after a lovely break somewhere. If only we could have more time off work.

Turns out, we can! In 2020, there’s a way to enjoy 35 days of annual leave and it doesn’t involving calling in sick.

In the UK, we’re entitled to 25 days off work per year, which excludes weekends and bank holidays. But if you’re looking for more time to relax and recharge, there are particular dates you should book off.

According to the Evening Standard, next year’s Easter weekend is a great time to extend your holiday. Easter falls on April 12th, so if you book off April 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th, you’ll end up having a 10-day holiday. It’s hard to say no to that!

Or you could enjoy a 9-day holiday if you book off the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after any Bank Holiday Monday.

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Christmas is a big opportunity for time off, as many of us travel to see family or simply want some quiet time at home to enjoy the festivities with loved ones. If you book time off strategically here, you’ll enjoy two weeks and three weekends off work. Sounds ideal!

To make this work, you need to book seven days of your annual leave. Christmas falls on Friday next year with Boxing Day on the Saturday. However, it’s going to be officially observed on the following Monday.

So, if you want a lovely long Christmas break, make sure you ask for December 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th and 31st off work. It means you won’t have to return to your desk until January 4th 2021.

If you fancy being really organised, why not start planning your 2020 holidays now and make the most of this genius way to secure more days off?

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