The Big Food Trends We’ll All Be Eating In 2018, According To Waitrose

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  • Every year, a different wave of food trends present themselves. Last year, it was all about super green super foods kale and avocado, along with a strange ‘charcoal foods’ movement that, quote honestly, left us rather perplexed.

    But apparently, 2018 will bring with it a whole new wave of exciting new foodie treats to look forward to. Waitrose have published their brand new report on what we’ll be eating come the new year, and it’s looking quite promising.

    Take a look at what the supermarket giant predicts we’ll be eating next year, and the change in our meal habits that could be the key to solving the food woes of a busy, modern life…

    Indian street food

    According to Waitrose, Indian food will be a big staple of the foodie world in 2018. But, of course, we’re already a nation of curry-lovers and takeaway fans – so what’s new about this particular trend?

    Apparently, this one will be all about the more pared down Indian food – but with absolutely no compromise on flavour.

    “Forget heavy sauces and chicken tikka masala, this trend is about smoked, grilled or seared delicacies, such as scallops in pickled ginger,” the Waitrose report reads, “Food trucks selling puris stuffed with zingy vegetables and drizzled in chutney could become a common sight.”

    Four meals a day

    It’s not a food as such, but it may certainly be a new way of eating come the new year.

    Come 2018, we may well all be indulging in four meals a day, rather than the standard three. But these are said to be four smaller meals, intending to keep us ticking over properly so we’re not encouraged to snack.

    “This is not about gluttony, rather it is about adapting our eating schedules to our busy lives.”

    So whether it’s a mid-morning meal or a pre-dinner snack, four meals may well be the new way of eating in a few months time.

    Japanese ‘dude’ food

    This is one we certainly didn’t see coming. According to Waitrose, this trend will combine “the hearty ‘dude food’ (food that is associated with ‘men’ apparently *scratches head*) of the southern United States with the unctuous, rich and surprising flavours of after-hours Tokyo”.

    Think skewered chicken or deep-fried tofu – sounds like a trend we can get on board with!

    Plant proteins

    Very much in the vein of 2017’s idea of ‘clean eating’, reportedly, plant proteins will be all the range in the new year.

    In a time when many of us are looking to add more plants to our diets to replace more heart-heavy meats, plant proteins such as pulses, shoots, grains and seeds are set to be big business.

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