6 Willpower Tricks For A Healthier Christmas

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  • This Christmas doesn't have to mean piling on the pounds. Follow our tips to improve your willpower, and this could be your healthiest festive period yet...

    Endless amounts of food, party after party offering delicious drinks, inviting fires with hot cups of cocoa… It’s not hard to see why Christmas is seen as a time for over-indulging. In fact, research by the British Dietetic Association has found that, on average, we pile on 5 pounds during the festive period.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. This year, avoid the endless cycle of piling on the pounds and working extra hard in the New Year to drop the weight. Instead, make this holiday season your best one yet – for you and your waistline! We’ve put together some clever willpower tricks to give you a much-needed boost, so you can stay slim over the party season.

    Take a look at these tips and you’ll see that it is possible to avoid over-indulging over the holiday season. Who know, maybe you’ll even lose a few extra pounds? But these willpower tricks don’t mean that you have to miss out on all the fun – you can still enjoy the festive season and treat yourself, without packing on weight.

    Our first tip is for how to avoid festive binging – which is pretty much the most difficult obstacle them all! What with all of the festive goodies hanging around, it’s far too easy to convince yourself that an extra mince pie won’t hurt. And as it gets closer to Christmas, more people are bringing goodies in to work. How can you say no?!

    The solution? Postpone it! Busy yourself with a different task, and don’t specify a time when you’ll have your treat. Soon enough, you’ll find that actually, you don’t really want it any more. It’s that easy.

    Keep reading to discover more expert willpower tricks to leave you feeling trim this holiday season…

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