10 Quick Tips For A Healthier You

Try one or two of our simple health tips to help keep you in tip top shape

It’s so simple. Support your fitness routine with an eating plan that ups your energy as you reshape. We asked Nicci Clark, CEO of Nourished, the hot new personal diet programme, to give us a power-packed eating plan for a healthy kick-start.

The Peak-Performance Plan
Nicci suggests starting your new way of eating a few days before you latch on to your exercise regime. ‘After cutting refined carbs, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, you’ll see a change in just five days: increased energy levels, glowing skin and increased libido!’

Eat a slow-release breakfast ‘Low-GI foods, such as muesli or porridge with blueberries, give the body enough fuel for the day,’ says Nicci.

Pick protein-packed lunches and dinners ‘for energy and muscle repair’. Choose unsaturated fats, found in olive oil, milk and nuts. Kiss goodbye to sugar, alcohol, refined carbs and caffeine – hard, we know, but you’ll be so glad you did!

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