Healthy Summer Recipes

Get in shape for summer with our selection of healthy summer recipes that'll help you cut down on the calories, without having to compromise on flavour

Our healthy summer recipes collection is ideal for anyone looking for light, fresh dishes that are not only good for you, but are full of flavour too. We’ve got plenty of recipes that feature the best of the season’s produce, including summer berries, plenty of avocado, spinach, beans, courgettes, fresh fish and seafood. Cut down on the calories, with some of our delicious healthy summer recipes.

Often when we’re watching what we eat and cut certain foods out of our diet, what we miss are the simplest things. Many people have a real weakness for pizza, but watching the calories doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself this little pleasure! Why not try the Hemsley sisters’ flower power pizza (pictured). The base is made with cauliflower flower and you can top it with your favourite flavour combinations. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re eating something that’s both light and good for you and on top of that, it’s absolutely delicious too! 

When the sun’s shining we’re more inclined to eat healthier and smaller portions anyways so why not fully embrace it and incorporate more of our healthy summer recipes in your diet. We’ve got plenty of delicious salad recipes for you to try. Salads are about so much more than just leafy greens. 
We’ve got plenty of really original recipes that are great if you’re vegan, if you want to go meat-free and even for the committed carnivore. Whatever the occasion, whatever you fancy, you’ll a recipe that you’ll love.
Summer is also the season for outdoor eating, so we have plenty of recipes for you to try on the barbecue or that would make great accompaniments to meat or grilled veg. 

From breakfast, casual lunches and light suppers through to impressive dinner-party dishes, we’ve got your summer menu covered and we’ve made sure it’s super healthy and just as delicious! 
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