Should you keep ketchup in your refrigerator? The age old question finally gets answered

Infamous ketchup brand Heinz finally reveals how to properly store ketchup in your kitchen

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Did you know you could be storing ketchup incorrectly? Here's what condiment brand Heinz says is the best method to keep your favorite summer condiment fresh. 

There are certain foods that remain a mystery when it comes to where you should be storing them. For example, many wonder foods like eggs and butter should be refrigerated, or if they're okay to be left out on the counter? Of course, you don't want to risk food poisoning (although the number one food that gave people food poisoning in 2022 might surprise you), so it's important to do your research and ensure you're effectively storing your groceries. Plus, with inflation prices these days, let's face it - we can't even afford to let a single bottle of ketchup go to waste. 

You might be one of the many folks around the globe who has a question about where to store your ketchup - is it supposed to go in the fridge or on the counter?

Luckily, global condiment brand Heinz just revealed the answer, and we have to say, we're a little surprised. 

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The Heinz UK twitter account posted a tweet on June 27 revealing the answer to the age-old question - and with summer barbecue season in full effect, this information is more relevant than ever. 

"FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. fridge!!!" the brand account tweeted. 

As per usual, this sparked a huge debate in the comment section under the tweet, in yet another installment of fairly unimportant yet highly amusing internet controversies. 

One of the biggest questions that Twitter users had was to be expected: "So why is it on the shelves in supermarkets & shops then?" one person tweeted, along with many others who posed the same question in the comments.

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The Heinz account responded to many of the people who posed this question, tweeting an image of Heinz ketchup placed in a four-pack in a refrigerator at a grocery store. 

The debate got so heated that the Heinz account created a Twitter poll, asking people to vote on how they store ketchup - and the results produced an overwhelming winner. While 63.2% of voters said that, yes, ketchup should go in the fridge, the other 36.8% disagreed, saying it should be stored in a cupboard, even after opening. 

While some folks genuinely got heated over the topic, others had some pretty hilarious responses to the original tweet. 

"I just carry it around in my pocket. You never know when you might come across a snack that requires some ketchup," one person responded.

"And Barbecue Sauce goes on my desk," another said, ignoring Heinz's ketchup heeding. 

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