A new Oreo flavor is being released and it might just be the best yet...

The new limited-edition Oreo flavor won't be around for long though

(Image credit: Nabisco)

Happy 110th birthday, Oreo!

The Nabisco-owned cookie company just announced that, in celebration of its 110th year, it will release a never-before-seen, limited-edition flavor—Chocolate Confetti Cake. Although the official birthday is happening on March 6, the new treat will hit grocery stores beginning January 31. The sweets are also available for pre-order online right now.

A mere description of the new Oreos will titillate your taste buds—expect rainbow sprinkles all over the creamy filling and within the actual cookies (the first time the brand is using sprinkles both in and on the cookie!). Perhaps most excitingly, the sweet sandwiches will actually feature two layers of filling: the classic vanilla one and a novel chocolate version of it. Yummy indeed.

"For over a century, Oreo has brought fun, playful experiences to fans and we will continue to do just that as we celebrate our 110th birthday," Sydney Kranzmann, Oreo's U.S. brand manager, said in an official statement about the release.

New Oreo flavor

(Image credit: Nabisco)

The birthday celebrations will continue with a consumer sweepstake that will grant fans the fulfillment of some of their wishes. Among the many prizes up for grabs is a dream vacation, a lifetime supply of Oreos, the chance to attend a baking class with superstar baker Dominique Ansel and even a basketball experience with AT&T Slam Dunk champion Dwight Howard.

In not-as-exciting news, the popular brand also announced that, beginning this month, it will increase its product prices by 6% to 7%. Given the all-around inflation that the country is dealing with, the update doesn't shock us.

Earlier this month, fans of the dessert were also excited to hear about the return of the Oreo Cakesters. The soft-baked version of the classic cookie launched back in 2007 but was then discontinued a short five years later. Select retailers are now carrying it once more and, to honor the throwback, the brand actually took over what it considers to be "the only place in the U.S. where it still feels like the mid-2000s." That would be the very last Blockbuster store in the world, in Bend, Oregon. How about a trip to that side of town, folks?

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