Could mushrooms be the answer to boosting your sex drive?

The latest in libido-boosting—we introduce you to the power of mushrooms

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If your libido feels a little lacking going into the New Year, there are a multitude of ways to help boost your sex drive.

From using one of the best vibrators to munching on aphrodisiac oysters, even dark chocolate is said to bolster up the bedroom antics

However, there’s a new player entering the sex space—mushrooms! We’re not talking about the dainty button mushrooms that regularly frequent your weekday stir fry. Instead, the powers of cordyceps—typically found in the mountains of China—are being applauded for their libido-boosting properties. They could even help to overcome sexual anxiety.

Hania Opienski, naturopath and mycotherapy specialist at Hifas da Terra says that cordyceps mushrooms can do wonders for your sex life, "Cordyceps has been used worldwide to address everything from male impotence, improving erectile function, sperm production, motility and mobility, as well as increasing sexual arousal in both men and women."

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Interestingly, cordyceps support adrenal and reproductive organs, improve cellular energy production and also improve oxygenation for holistic as well as libido-enhancing benefits, “these include improved stamina, physical and mental performance and clarity, energy levels, oxygenation and lung capacity and even stress management” Hania says.

But rather than book a one-way ticket to China for a sex boost, you can now find cordyceps in a pill. 

Hifas Da Terra Mico-Blue Solution is a natural alternative to ʻthe blue pill’, and works just as well for women as it does for men. Essentially it’s a month’s worth of caramel-flavored syringes, but it will set you back an eye-watering £1000.

Hifas Da Terra Mico-Blue Solution, £1000 | Harrods

Hifas Da Terra Mico-Blue Solution, £1000 | Harrods

This set of caramel-flavoured syringes is designed to improve overall wellbeing, its lengthy list of health benefits include heightened libido, improved stress management and better-quality sleep.

Expensive, yes, however with mushrooms fast becoming the wellness world’s latest fascination, it’s only a matter of time until cordyceps become more commonplace in helping to enhance our libidos. You can already get them in a powder that can be added to tea and coffee and is much more affordable.

Indigo Herbs Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 50g, £9.95 | Amazon

Indigo Herbs Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 50g, £9.95 | Amazon

Cordyceps powder can be served in a smoothie or as a part of mushroom coffee or tea. It can be even be used in cooking and baking. A typical serving of cordyceps can be from 1 to 2 grams up to 3 times a day. Always be sure to start with small servings and build up.

“As mushrooms gain more credibility and interest, more research is being done, which confirms traditional usage and benefits. Importantly, unlike a number of other pharmaceutical and herbal medicines for sexual wellness, mushrooms like cordyceps have no side effects,” says Hania.

Plus, unlike many other libido-stimulating products, you canʼt develop a tolerance for cordyceps, "so you wonʼt need to keep increasing the dose to maintain the desired effects". 

In fact, the longer you take cordyceps for, the more primed your body becomes and the better the effects.

Lucy Gornall is the former Health & Fitness editor at Future and a personal trainer specializing in pre and post-natal exercise.