The £44 Sell-Out Ruth Langsford Jeans The Strictly Star Loves


If there's one daytime TV presenter whose everyday style we love, it's Ruth Langsford. The Strictly star always looks stylish, whether she's presenting This Morning with husband Eamonn, or Loose Women alongside her fellow panellists.

But one of the best things about Ruth's look is that it's stylish, yet attainable. Rarely does she don outrageously expensive, lavish outfits - instead favouring sophisticated, sleek, tailored pieces that you can easily envisage sitting happily in your own wardrobe.

So it makes sense that the TV star has turned her hand to designing, with a brand new range for QVC.

57-year-old Ruth has created a capsule collection with the brand - and it's going down a treat with fans.

But Ruth admitted that the range was designed with her own fashion preferences in mind - in the hope that her loyal fan-base will share the same clothing niggles, like and dislikes, too.

"Selfishly, I've designed clothes for myself, in the hope that the women who follow me on This Morning or Loose Women and say ‘Oh I love your jacket, I love your dress', will also like my range. They're pieces I would wear - I haven't designed anything I wouldn't."

"When I'm shopping - the older I've got - I try on a dress or something and go ‘God this is uncomfortable', or ‘I'd love this if only it was below my knee'. That's really why I wanted to design this. It's something that's evolved. It's come from practicality.

And it seems like fans certainly agree with Ruth.

Ruth shared with Woman & Home online that in her previous ranges with QVC, her jeans have definitely proven to be the most popular item.

She said, "The thing that QVC customers have loved is the jeans. We've done three lengths -petite, regular and long, because I can't bear jeans that are a bit half mast. You know when you wash them and they shrink, and come up too short, or they're always a little bit too long,

"But yes, the jeans have never really gone away, we keep stocking them and people keep buying them.

"And the thing I love is people coming up to me and saying, ‘Oh I just got your jeans and I love them so much'. That's when it's real. I'm a real woman who likes to wear clothes, and who wants to remain stylish.

The jeans, which start from £44.94, were released some months ago, but also feature in her new collection.

So what of her brand new range, featuring pencil skirts, lace dresses, her signature blouses, and bright bold jackets?

Ruth's new QVC collection

Strictly star Ruth shared that the new line with QVC is primarily built for women just like her, who want comfort and style at the same time. So, pretty much all of us then! She said, "You know, I'm 57, I like to remain stylish and look fashionable, but I've got to be comfortable. Let's not be uncomfortable!"

The Loose Women presenter also confessed that she made the jeans with one particular denim niggle in mind. She admitted that she hate jeans that sit below your belly button, so had made all of hers to sit above the belly button - covering an often problem area for most women.

So which are Ruth's favourite pieces in the brand new range?

"I love the blazer (£79.92) - and you can style this one in lots of different ways.", she said, referring to the black pick with faux leather sleeves. "It's the kind of thing I would wear everyday - to work, or for dinner."

She continued, "You could wear it with a dress, heels and a gorgeous handbag, or you can dress it down as I do often. The white top blazer and jeans is a classic look for me. That's a look that's not going to date, and the jacket stays modern because of the faux leather."

Ruth also shared that the lace dress is another favourite pick, not least because it's both stylish and stretchy!

But hidden within the dress, is also a very clever feature - a bra catcher. Curious? Ruth explained, "I love that slight bardot, off-the-shoulder look. But I could never achieve something like that, because everytime I buy something like that, it's always fallen down.

"And also, you can't wear a bra without revealing the straps, because they're too off-the-shoulder. And I don't like strapless bras!"

"So I wanted something where I could wear my favourite bra, something I love and know fits me. And so what you can do is hook the bra into one of these catches, and it doesn't move. And trust me, I've tested that!"

That's definitely one clothing dilemma fixed!

Ruth also admitted to loving the "sassy" animal print jacket, and the smart, fitted pencil skirt - a staple in any woman's working wardrobe.

So here's what else you can expect from Ruth's QVC range...

Ruth's QVC range launched on 1st November, and is available to shop online now. Follow this link to shop the range.

So which pieces will you be picking up? A smart jacket for work, or a gorgeous dress for play?

Whichever it is, you better be quick, as this line is sure to be popular!

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