We can't stop thinking about Kate Middleton's gold shell and pearl-drop earrings

Kate Middleton's gold shell earrings are giving off quiet luxury vibes

Kate middleton
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Kate Middleton's summery gold shell and pearl-drop earrings are truly the epitome of summer  - and we can't stop thinking about them!

It's no secret that Kate Middleton's dresses are always flawless but she also owns some killer accessories - from her coronation day tiara, to her orange bag with the wooden handle, she always knows how to take her outfits from drab to fab. There is nothing Kate can't pull off, and the gold shell and pearl-drop hoop earrings she sported in Belize are certainly no exception. 

kate middleton

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Kate's pearl earrings are the epitome of quiet luxury, making for a great accessory staple for the summer. (Quiet luxury, or stealth wealth, is the newly dubbed, viral act of wearing subtly luxurious items, rather than items that are flashy with designer logos that prove wealth. As they say, money talks, wealth whispers.) 

You can pair a set of gold and pearl earrings with truly any outfit - so whether you're out for a fancy dinner, or even just want to look boujie on a beach day, these earrings are the perfect balance of statement-making without being too loud. 

Kate's specific pair is from the popular women's store Anthropologie, but this certain style is no longer available to be purchased on their site. No need to fret though, we've found a style that is nearly the same and costs just about as much as Kate likely paid for her Anthro earrings.

Scallop Shell Earrings, $79 | Rellery

Scallop Shell Earrings, $79 | Rellery

Looking for a way to spruce up your arsenal of summer jewelry? These earrings are the perfect complement to any outfit, making for a touch of elegance that will help elevate any outfit.

In another sartorial move that totally signifies stealth wealth, Kate paired these earrings with a bold, '70s inspired outfit, complete with wide-leg white jeans (we also just saw a similar pair of wide-leg white jeans on the fabulous Julianne Moore) and a bright orange coat that is cinched at the waist. Kate also topped her look off with a pair of her favorite shoes: a white pump heel. 

The jacket, which is from YSL, apparently dates back to Kate's university days at St. Andrew's, where she and William first met. 

kate middleton

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Kate's Belize trip in 2022 was part of a royal tour in which the Princess went to various nations to make appearances and take part in different cultural celebrations.

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