We can't be the only people obsessed with Princess Diana's Versace sunglasses from The Crown

'The Crown' season 6 has been igniting a desire for fans to recreate Princess Di's iconic looks

princess diana's versace sunglasses
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We love Princess Diana's Versace sunglasses that can be seen in season 6 of The Crown, and here's where you can buy the exact pair, as well as some lookalikes. 

The first few episodes of season 6 of The Crown just hit Netflix, and we've been drawing a lot of sartorial inspiration from the show - particularly from the looks of one Princess Diana. Needless to say, Princess Diana has been and will always be a style inspiration to us all, having given us iconic looks in all fashion categories from formalwear (hello, revenge dress), to more casual looks. 

The first half of season 6 of The Crown takes a look at the final weeks of Diana's life, and in this time, Diana was exploring what life post-divorce from then-King Charles looked like with her boys, William and Harry. Although she was always fashionable, during this time, she debuted some of her most undoubtedly memorable outfits and accessories of all time - one of which being her stunning Versace sunglasses. 

Let's be transparent here - no one wore sunglasses the way Princess Diana did. They acted as a shield for the Princess, especially after her divorce from Charles, and she always wore them with intentional style. 

In The Crown season 6, this becomes even more apparent, especially in the first episode of the season when Diana is on a yacht in Saint Tropez with the Fayeds. She wears the slim, round, semi-cat eye shaped sunnies often throughout this season, including in the scene when Diana wears that ever-inspiring leopard print bathing suit that sent the presses ablaze. 

princess diana versace sunglasses

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The Crown impeccably recreates the outfits Diana wore in the final few weeks of her life, with Elizabeth Debicki looking the true spitting image of the late Princess. During her time in Saint Tropez with the Fayeds, she continually wears her Versace sunglasses, as well as some bright and fashionable one-piece bathing suits

The real-life paparazzi photos from this 1997 trip reflect exactly what the show depicts - Diana traveling to the French riviera with with sons Prince William and Prince Harry to holiday with Mohamed Al-Fayed. During this trip, Princess Diana reunited with Mohamed's son Dodi, sparking the start of their romance. The pair initially met briefly over a decade before at a 1986 polo match, but didn't see each other again until the St. Tropez get together.


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Prince Harry, who was 12-years-old at the time, detailed the luxurious trip away in his memoir SpareHe wrote, "There was much laughter, horseplay, the norm whenever Mummy and Willy and I were together, though even more so on that holiday.

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