Sweaty Betty’s inclusive underwear range that’s modelled on their own staff!

Sweaty Betty has launched a new range of nude underwear that is available in a diverse range of skin tones and sizes

Sweaty Betty
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We all want to find the best shapewear that’s flattering to our skin tone and size. Luckily, Sweaty Betty's new inclusive range just made purchasing true nude underwear so much easier!

Sweaty Betty’s skin tones underwear range now includes a whole new selection of shades, as the brand takes a step towards diversifying its range. The bestselling Stamina Bra and the Barely-There underwear is now available in six new skin tones and in a variety of sizes, from XXS to XXXL. 

The brand also decided to not hire models for this launch. Instead, Sweaty Betty held an internal casting call. The brand hired 13 women who work in different teams across the brand to model the range in a professional underwear shoot. 

The staff members who participated in this shoot had a “collective aim of championing diversity by allowing themselves to be truly seen.” Each of the women found this to be a freeing experience and many of them have commented on the brand's new range and aim for representation.

Sweaty Betty

(Image credit: Sweaty Betty)


Stamina Sports Bra, £38.00 ($40.00) | Sweaty Betty (opens in new tab)

Sports bra for medium impact workouts made in a sweat-wicking fabric with compression technology.

Tania, 35, Wholesale Operations Manager 

“Representation is so important. I want to show the next generation that variety and diversity is the spice of life! More now than ever, the internet is targeting younger generations and it’s important that we show that body confidence is possible through a wide range of body types, heights and skin tones. Everyone is beautiful.” 

Emma, 55, Senior Vice President, Retail

“I felt happy to have been with such a supportive group of women. I also felt proud to have represented women of my age and embraced the changes in my body that have happened over time. Representation is important to empower and ultimately strengthen our communities. It will open up greater opportunities whatever one’s gender, race or age— ‘if you see it, you can be it’—and allow sharing of new ideas and wider perspectives between people who differ from each other. For me it means moving towards a society that respects everyone. On a personal note, seeing older women doing great things gives me inspiration and I think ‘wow, maybe I could try that!’”

Sweaty Betty

(Image credit: Sweaty Betty)

Barely There Briefs, £15.00 ($20.00) | Sweaty Betty (opens in new tab)

These briefs come in a variety of colors and sizes and are a matching set to the stamina bra. The underwear is also available in a thong style at the same price point.

Pippa, 27, Ecommerce Content Coordinator  

“The shoot was a wonderful reminder that we are all human and although we are all very different people, we share so much as women. We were able to support each other on the day and step out of our comfort zones together! I thought about how much social media shapes the expectations we have of ourselves to look a certain way. But keeping it real will do far greater good for other women, so they see that they are just who they are meant to be.”

Michelle, 41, Customer Care Team Leader

“I’m not the most body confident, so having shared the experience with so many beautiful and courageous women, I came away genuinely feeling empowered! Representation is a democracy which gives different perspectives a seat at the table. Not every perspective is correct or agreeable, however without them how can we authentically see the world for what it really is? Representation informs us who we are as people, how we view the world and are seen by others.”

Sweaty Betty

(Image credit: Sweaty Betty)

It's great to see Sweaty Betty including a larger range of shades and sizes, let's hope more brands follow their lead so that shopping becomes a nicer experience for all.

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