Gillian Anderson gives us sleepwear inspiration showing luxe piped pyjamas during a refreshingly candid video

Gillian Anderson shared a relatable post with fans while wearing her PJs

Gillian Anderson
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Gillian Anderson has shared a candid video of herself relaxing after a gruelling press tour schedule - and has inadvertently given us some sleepwear inspiration at the same time. 

The actor, who is currently in the spotlight for her starring role in Netflix's Scoop as Emily Maitlis, shared a message with followers, directly telling the camera, "Don't judge me. Yes, I'm in my f*****g pyjamas. Shut up. 

"And I still have makeup on even though it's six o'clock in the morning. F**k you. I'm done with this press round of Scoop and thank you for joining me. I hope you like it. That's all I have to say."

Gillian captioned the video, simply, 'Shut up. Thanks for joining me.'

We can just catch a glimpse of Gillian's deep blue silky pyjamas with hot pink piping. Piped pyjamas are a classic sleepwear fashion trend - an elegant look that we'd guess the always-stylish actor might opt for. If you want any more nightwear or underwear inspiration, our round-up of the best bras and best pyjamas are full of ideas. 

Gillian's followers were quick to bestow compliments after her refreshingly honest video, with one writing, 'Nah but it's not possible this woman is magnificent even in pyjamas.'

While another commented, 'Just sitting down to watch Scoop! Also, I will never judge you for being in your jammies when you're exhausted (and accomplished!!). As long as you promise to never judge me for being in jammies 24/7.'

And a third wrote, 'You are glorious Gillian!! No matter what time of day, state of makeup or if you’re in your PJs.. doesn’t matter, you are GLORIOUS!!!'

Fancy emulating the look yourself? We've rounded up some stylish piped pyjamas on the high street to suit all budgets. And if you really want to go for the luxe sleepwear look, team yours with a silk Drowsy sleep mask to complete your nightwear ensemble. 

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