The TikTok facelift hack that's sending beauty fans wild

The latest TikTok trend involves a surgery-free facelift hack that requires the use of adhesive tape and, sometimes, an elastic band

Face tape hack
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Face tapes are the latest trend to take over TikTok. The hacks basically result in a surgery-free facelift that users swear by, showing off their newly defined jawlines, eyes and cheekbones to the surprise (and delight!) of their followers. 

From a TikTok sizing hack for jeans to a thrifty skincare hack that will save you money on expensive moisturizer and yet another one that promises to help you fall asleep in two minutes, the social media network is filled with tips that are sure to make your life easier and, perhaps, more pleasurable. 

The latest such trend involves makeshift facelifts done at home using adhesive tape. Meant to sculpt your eyes, neck, cheekbones and jawline, the DIY lifts quite literally pull and tighten the skin in specific areas. Users consider the hack a great quick solution to the appearance of wrinkles and, by some accounts, a replacement for preventative Botox. 

There are two common types of lifts permeating TikTok at the moment. One involves the eyes and requires the placement of adhesive tape right by the brow, close to the hairline. By pulling the clear tape tight, you’ll immediately notice an overall lifting of the entire eye area. Some folks on TikTok have utilized this method on other parts of their face as well—and they swear by it.

The second common type of DIY lift involves the use of an elastic band in addition to the tape. You'll place two pieces of tape at either end of the elastic band, which will run around your scalp and eventually be covered by your hair. This method allows for an even tighter look.


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There are a ton of tutorials to watch on TikTok but there are some best practices to abide by no matter what method one opts for. First of all, you'll want to make sure that your face is very clean before the application tape. Remove any oils that could interfere with the adhesive before you put it on. We suggest first using some soap to wash your face as a whole and then dab some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the area meant for the adhesive even further. 

Once the tape (and, perhaps, the band) is in place, go ahead and apply your makeup as you usually would. To make sure that the tape goes unnoticed, your routine should apply to the areas where the adhesive is on as well. That is to say: apply makeup as you would if you didn't have any tape on. 

If you are using the elastic band as well, do consider opting for a hairdo that will allow for it to be hidden. Hair is the ideal disguise for this one!


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You shouldn't be too worried about potential side effects (unless you're allergic to tape, of course). But, as a general statement, you are putting a foreign body on your skin for a day—so do make sure to clean the area very well once you remove it as well. 

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