6 solar-inspired scents everyone will be wearing this season - for a heightened sense of summer

From warm florals to salted musks, solar perfumes are trending this year - with their sunny blends scenting the air this summer...

A selection of solar perfumes by Juliette has a gun, Floral Street, Maison Margiela and Issey Miyake/ in a blue and beige sunset template
(Image credit: (L to R) Juliette has a gun, Floral Street, Maison Margiela and Issey Miyake)

Wish you could bottle up the scent of hazy summer afternoons and sun-warmed skin? Solar perfumes are the answer, as they take notes (literally) from the sun's golden rays, to offer a radiant and oh-so-nostalgic impression...

As far as the best long-lasting perfumes go, the lineup consists of all the classic olfactory families; floral, woody, aromatic and so on but right now, there's another, honorary fragrance genre that's garnering attention. Along with milk perfumes and violet-centric numbers, 'solar' perfumes are trending for 2024 and are tipped to be a go-to this summer season. The reason? Well, the name is a dead giveaway, as these solar-inspired blends look to evoke the feeling of being bathed in sunlight with every spritz.

So, if owning a perfume that smells like sunshine bottled is something you're very interested in, these are the six solar fragrances to add to your collection - both for summer and any time you need a reminder of sunnier climates...

The 6 solar perfumes to spritz for a radiant impression

From warm and creamy woods, to sweet floral and citrus blends, these are the six solar fragrances we plan to spritz under every blue sky from now until autumn...

What are solar perfumes?

In case you're not well acquainted with a solar-esque perfume yet, Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street explains: "A solar perfume is quite a loose term that refers to fragrance with a 'sunshine' feel to it. Whilst solar perfumes aren't a fragrance family in the way that florals or woody scents are, they have an undeniable quality to them that sets them apart."

What do solar perfumes smell like, exactly? "Fragrances that make you feel like you have warm, golden rays of sun on your skin are typically dubbed 'solar' fragrances, and their popularity is down to exactly that - feeling like you're on holiday. Many solar perfumes contain notes with a familiarity to them, to give you that nostalgic feeling of summer," says Feeney and a good example of a scent that embodies all of this and more, is Floral Street's Arizona Bloom.

"It was inspired by the Atacama Desert in Chile - I experienced its high altitude salt flats with bright blue skies and was so moved by its irresistibly contemplative ambience," says Feeney, adding, "It made me want to create a perfume grounded in nature that captures the feeling of total freedom with a natural high! It combines Balinese coconut, jasmine petals, salted musks and Madagascan black pepper - there's a creamy, milkiness to it from the coconut, whereas the salted musks create a beautiful second skin feeling."

As mentioned above, Digital Beauty Writer, Naomi Jamieson is a big fan of the Arizona Bloom: "It really smells as though your skin has been warmed by the sun, it's creamy but hard to pin-down, creating just this soft, 'me-but-in-summer' feel that is just so comforting. The only way I can think to articulate it is suncream-y - but specifically, having been reapplied, post swim and completely melted into the skin - and in the best possible way."

What are 'solar' perfume notes to look for?

  • Solar perfume notes: coconut, jasmine, amber, bergamot, lemon and mandarin and salted musk

As for selecting a solar signature from among the best perfumes for women, Feeney has shared a few key notes to look out for: "There are a few different ways to interpret that sunny, exotic 'solar' feeling. Some sure-fire 'solar' fragrances include the warmth of jasmine or amber, whereas some lead more with citrusy notes like bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Ingredients like salted musks give a second skin feeling as if you are drying in the sun and a natural coconut gives a rich creamy smell reminiscent of the beach!"

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