The one storage mistake you need to avoid to ensure your signature scents last

While most of us love a signature scent or fragrance wardrobe, there's one crucial thing you need to be aware of when it comes to storing them...

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While few things give us more pleasure than admiring our perfume collection front and centre on a dressing table, exposing these delicate blends to certain environments can outweigh any aesthetic benefit.

Though the best long-lasting perfumes are touted for their impressive staying power, they too can fall prey to certain scent-related faux pas – from rubbing your wrists together post-spritz to storing them in your bathroom. But there's another potential slip-up you may be making as far as storage is concerned, which brings us to the age-old question: should perfume be kept in the dark?

We've put this very question to the fragrance experts, quizzing them on whether you can store your signatures in well-lit areas – and, if not, where you should keep scents like the best perfumes for women instead.

Should perfume be kept in the dark?

So, should you keep your favourite solar perfumes and floral fragrances where the light of day can't reach them? According to Emma South, Fragrance and Lifestyle Expert at Jo Malone London: "It is best to store fragrance away from direct light and heat sources as these can degrade the composition, so away from windows and radiators is preferable."

South adds that, "Once open, air can begin to oxidise the fragrance but alcohol inhibits this process and atomised bottles also limit the exposure to air. If you have a much-loved limited-edition fragrance that cannot be replaced, I always recommend keeping it in a cool, dark cupboard."

Though recommended, you of course don't have to keep your go-to scents locked away. The key point to take away is avoiding heat and direct light exposure. "Experts say that you can store your perfume in the fridge because keeping it at a steady cool temperature preserves its components, however, I personally don't," says Floral Street founder Michelle Feeney. "I just keep mine out of sunlight and away from heat and it lasts a long time! Places like drawers and cupboards tend to stay dark and cool, which is best for your fragrance."

Where should your store perfume?

As mentioned, direct light and heat are real saboteurs of a perfume's longevity, so experts suggest keeping your favourites tucked away in a drawer or cupboard. That said, if you have a place where you can proudly display your fragrances that doesn't get any direct sunlight and isn't near a heat source, that's okay, too.

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