Almost every time I wear this glowy foundation, I'm asked if I’ve just had a facial

If our Senior Beauty Editor had to pick one foundation for life, it’d be this glow-boosting formula...

NARS Light reflect foundation with swatches of shades all around it
(Image credit: NARS)

At the risk of sounding braggy, I get a lot of questions about my skin routine. It’s not like I get stopped on the street about it, but friends, colleagues and loose acquaintances have stopped me mid-sentence to ask me exactly what I’ve done to get my complexion looking so fresh and healthy.

‘Have you just had a facial,’ a colleague will often ask, looking suspiciously at my skin (and possibly wondering how generous of a lunch hour I’ve taken). But I seldom have - in fact, I haven’t done anything dramatic to my skin for months. 

I could start a spiel about my (relatively) no-frills routine or recommend a new serum, but really, it's one of the best foundations I have to thank for my facial-quality glow. My secret is Nars’ Light Reflect Foundation, every time I use it, I’m wowed by the radiant effect it has on my skin in a matter of seconds - and if that's not tempting enough, here's why it's become my base makeup of choice...

Why this £39 Nars foundation is my glowing little secret

While there is a plethora of the best foundation serums out there - for those who love a radiant and natural-looking finish - if you're looking for something with a bit more coverage, without sacrificing the glow in its place, Nars' Light Reflect Foundation always wins my vote...

What's the formula like?

The formula of this foundation has the perfect amount of coverage for me, but it’s also buildable so you can have more of an opaque finish. I've recommended it to countless people and I always get an enthusiastic text a few days later, gushing about how brilliantly it's working for them.

It has just the right amount of radiance - glowy without looking sweaty. And for such a hydrating formula, it's impressively long-wearing, looking as pristine at 9 pm as it does at 9 am. 

An image of an almost-finished bottle of nars light reflect foundation, and senior beauty editor rhiannon derbyshire wearing it

As you can tell, the foundation bottle is much-loved (almost-empty and filthy). 

(Image credit: Rhiannon Derbyshire)

As a Senior Beauty Editor, I've tried hundreds of foundations over the years. I always used to be quite inconsistent with my base choices, but since discovering this it's been a full-blown, marriage-level commitment. It's the real deal and could become a real game-changer in your collection also...

Rhiannon Derbyshire
Senior Beauty Editor

Rhiannon Derbyshire is the Senior Beauty Editor for Woman & Home and other publications. 

She started interning for glossy magazines while working alongside her Fashion Journalism degree. There, she was lured to the beauty desk, seduced by matte lipsticks, posh shampoos, and every skincare product imaginable. 10+ years into her career, she can confidently tell you why the best mascaras are always high street, and why SPF is a non-negotiable all year round. Ask her about her curly hair routine, skincare minimalism, and how to find the exact right red lipstick